Top Five Robotic Surgery Companies Redefining the Future of Medical Surgeries

November 15, 2017

All doctors take in a lot of information about human anatomy, diseases, surgeries, and health from books. However, when it comes to performing surgeries, books won’t be as helpful as surgical precision depends on the expertise of the medical professional performing the operation. Robotic surgery or robot-assisted surgery allows the doctor to perform a variety of surgery with higher precision, flexibility, and control. Currently, they are widely used in minimally invasive surgery, which can significantly speed up recovery times. Robotic surgery companies are looking at innovation to extend their scope beyond minimally invasive surgeries and incorporate artificial intelligence to improve surgical efficiency.

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Intuitive Surgical is an American corporation involved in the development and production of medical robots that improve patient outcomes through minimally invasive surgeries. The most commonly known robot, da Vinci Surgical System, introduced 17 years back, is a product from Intuitive Surgical that has been used for more than three million minimally invasive procedures across various surgical specialties. The product features a high-res 3D vision system and tiny wristed instruments that have a higher degree of movement and flexibility than a human hand. As of 2017, 4,271 units of this medical robot have been installed worldwide. Request a free proposal to learn how we help our clients gain an edge in today’s complex business scenario.

Hansen Medical

Hansen Medical is one of the top robotic surgery companies based out of Silicon Valley, California. Hansen’s Magellan robotic system’s robotic catheter can navigate the peripheral vasculature and provide a channel for the placement of therapeutic devices. Magellan™ Robotic System, Auris, and Sensei X Robotic systems are two of their medical robots used in vascular and cardiac arrhythmia-related surgeries.


Medrobotics is a Massachusetts-based company that recently announced US$20 million in financing to expand into general surgery and build a next-generation robotic system. Its product Flex Robotic System received FDA clearance in 2015 and allows physicians to access anatomical locations such as ear, nose, or throat with its snakelike design and 180° path. Request a free brochure to find out more about our core capabilities.

Verb Surgical

Verb surgical is one of the most innovative robotic surgery companies in the world and was formed as a strategic partnership between Google’s Alphabet and Johnson&Johnson’s medical devices subsidiary, Ethicon. They are focusing on building a digital surgery platform that combines robotics, advanced instrumentation, advanced visualization, data analytics, and connectivity. Such robotic surgery companies bank on big data and machine learning expertise from Google to develop a digital surgical platform, which will cost less than the current medical robots.

Microbot Medical

Microbot Medical is a US-based robotic surgery company that offers nanobot technology (ViRob and TipCAT) to assist in surgeries. One of its platforms, ViRob, is capable of crawling and navigating through blood vessels, the digestive tract, and the respiratory system. Such abilities enable it to treat hydrocephalus, water in the brain disease, successfully.

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