Construction and Building Materials

Identify and capitalize on macro trends driven by urbanization, government support for infrastructure development, and economic growth.

Construction and building materials industry overview

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating transformation within the construction and building materials industry, there is an ongoing need for businesses to rethink their traditional business models and devise innovative growth strategies. The construction and building materials industry is also witnessing several transformative trends, including dynamic demand patterns, rising customer needs, innovative business models, product innovation, and regulatory developments. These trends, combined with the turbulent business environment, are expected to radically change the value chain impacting the future of the construction and building materials market and raising questions about how players in the construction and building materials sector can thrive amid disruptions.

With several years of experience researching the construction and building materials industry and the performance of market leaders, our experts have drawn conclusive insights that enable companies to create value by taking advantage of transformative trends expected to act as tailwinds for sustainable business development. Our custom-built market intelligence solutions for the construction and building materials sector focus on addressing challenges facing the industry through deep-dive market assessments that help avoid risks, lower labor costs, and develop optimum design standards and innovative products as per the needs of end-user segments.

We have the expertise to help our clients make tough decisions and implement new approaches to differentiate themselves and generate sustainable growth.

Focus areas


Building Automation

The rise in focus on safety and security is poised to propel growth within the building automation segment paving the way for new opportunities for well-established and emerging market companies.


Construction Equipment

The construction equipment industry provides a large opportunity for growth, especially for those who successfully identify and capitalize on emerging market trends.


Building Technologies

The turbulent business environment has impacted construction and building technology companies making market research essential to thrive.


Power Tools

Connect with our experts to learn how we can help you identify new revenue opportunities and growth drivers by offering accurate market size and forecast insights.


Smart Building

With smart buildings collecting and communicating unprecedented amounts of data, it’s crucial to analyze these data sets to foresee transformative trends impacting the market.


Green IT

The adoption of green technologies is helping companies to gain an advantage and market share over competitors. Contact us to gain more insights on market developments.


Energy Management Systems

Increasing use of smart grids technology and aging grid infrastructure are driving growth within the energy management systems market, enabling businesses to expand their market share.


Smart Energy

Optimize opportunities with unrivaled market data and insights that ensure long-term success in the smart energy sector.

Our cross-functional teams comprising subject matter experts and industry specialists offer targeted research insights to help address the challenges facing the construction and building materials industry.

Contact us to learn how our solutions can help you seize new opportunities to drive profitable growth.

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