Consumer Goods Packaging

Quantify the potential of emerging packaging trends and opportunities by region and end-use segments, and build a long-term strategic plan to gain an edge in the new normal.

Consumer goods packaging industry overview

Major trends like growth in e-commerce and emerging markets, shifting consumer preferences, increased interest in sustainable materials, and integration of technologies into packaging create tailwinds for business development in the consumer goods packaging industry. Businesses that capitalize on these emerging market trends will succeed in the new era driven by technology and innovation.

At Infiniti Research, we help companies specializing in consumer goods packaging build capabilities and seize new opportunities while addressing the evolving challenges faced by the packaging industry. Our market intelligence solutions offer real-time insights into technological advances and the product offerings of top companies in this market space. We also help general and consumer goods packaging clients understand emerging trends and preferences of target customers to increase market share and drive growth.

Learn how we help packaging companies to adopt innovative operating models and industry best practices to succeed in the new era.

Focus areas


Green Packaging

Understand the forces driving consumer choices, demand for sustainability and devise strategies to appeal to new markets and demographics by leveraging our solutions.


Personal Care Packaging

The growing demand for innovative packaging within the personal care sector is expected to accelerate the growth momentum of the consumer goods packaging segment unlocking new opportunities and challenges.


Home Care Packaging

Stay ahead of emerging technologies, new packaging designs, and market trends impacting the home care packaging sector with advanced market intelligence solutions.

We’ll help you identify white space opportunities and drive market differentiation by focusing on emerging trends, consumer preferences, and packaging innovations impacting the consumer goods market.

Latest insights

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