Food Packaging

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Food packaging industry overview

The food and beverage packaging industry is driven by the steady growth in food commodities, high agricultural production volumes, and the incessantly increasing demand for food products fueled by rising incomes in developing economies. However, a few factors beset growth in the food packaging industry, including the inability to innovate to meet international market requirements and rising consumer needs. With end customers becoming well-informed, food packaging companies have been compelled to focus on healthy labels and eco-friendly packaging materials. The evolving food trends and shifting consumer preferences have also impacted food and beverage packaging, posing significant challenges for growth.

At Infiniti Research, we understand the challenges facing the global food packaging industry. The experience gained working alongside leading beverage and food packaging firms enables us to provide an in-depth analysis of the emerging trends in packaging. It also gives us the confidence to challenge conventional thinking and offer actionable insights to help clients understand the current market and identify opportunities for future growth. With the help of our market intelligence solutions, packaging companies can optimize productivity, enhance the efficiency of production processes, and successfully undertake business expansion through M&As.

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Focus areas


Baby Food Packaging

Understand the reasons behind the use of different packaging materials and learn how new concepts impact purchasing decisions in the food packaging segment.


Meat and Seafood Packaging

Identify factors influencing the demand for meat and seafood and learn how the rising demand for high protein food products is expected to drive growth within the packaging market.


Beverage Packaging

We deliver a fresh viewpoint supported by accurate data on innovation, strategy, and consumer insight by conducting detailed market assessments.


Wine and Spirits Packaging

Our industry experts monitor packaging, product, and consumer landscapes and alert clients about the impending risks and opportunities to drive brand value and business performance.


Pet Food Packaging

Discover the key trends and market forces driving growth and innovation within the global pet food packaging industry with advanced market intelligence solutions.

Our domain expertise, market research capabilities, and proprietary research methodologies accelerate the formulation of effective go-to-market strategies for food packaging opportunities in relevant application areas. Contact us to find out how we can help you identify and capitalize on new growth opportunities.

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