Feed and agribusiness

Capitalize on premium market data and cutting-edge research insights to identify new market segments and build new revenue streams at a time of input price volatilities and rising compliance costs.

Our capabilities

Price inflations, besides decreased demand stand to threaten and to hurt industry participants’ margins. Meanwhile, “regulatory overreach” and attendant complexities are hindering expansion of the industry. Our experts help businesses address long-term commercial and operational issues and enhance crop yield by embracing AI and automation and, furthermore, transition to a low-carbon future.

The feed and farm product markets are vexing decision-makers. Many expect the issues to linger. Others rest in the hope that the problems will blow over in some time. Experience tells us that challenges in the industry like decreased demand, regulatory overreach and environmental concerns need to be proactively managed. Frankly, there is no getting away from them! But certainly, market intelligence can help businesses navigate these pressing issues and achieve sustainable results.

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