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Agribusiness industry overview

Rapid technological advancements in emerging markets have transformed the feed and agribusiness industry by accelerating the effort of participants across the food value chain, including key market players, producers, buyers, and vendors. Infiniti Research has over seventeen years of experience working with leading companies in the agricultural sector to help anticipate disruptions, identify new agricultural trends and opportunities, and build innovative growth strategies. Impacted by increasing competition, demand for alternative energy sources, environmental pressures, innovative farming methods, and organizational priorities leading feed and agribusiness companies are leveraging custom market intelligence to compete in a dynamic environment where many such challenges have suppressed yield and global trade flows.

Our experts help feed and agribusiness companies address varied strategic, commercial, and operational issues by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the industry. Drawing on our industry experience and insights gained from the successful completion of engagements within the highly diverse animal feed and agribusiness industry, we understand the unique subtleties and economics of agricultural markets and the critical issues facing emerging market companies looking to elevate business performance. Through our custom qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, we help clients understand the future market scenario by offering insights into the supplier landscape, customer requirements, and competitive forces. These insights also help clients understand customer behavior, identify new customers, and gain a clear understanding of factors influencing customer attrition.

Make smarter, more informed decisions to improve outcomes across the entire agribusiness ecosystem with our market intelligence solutions.

Focus areas


Feed Ingredients

We offer actionable insights to help manufacturers understand their market better and modify their product offerings based on market demand.



By synthesizing the information collected from reliable sources, we offer expert advice on future business requirements to help our clients develop effective growth strategies.


Agriculture Processing and Logistics

Efficiently manage the feed and agribusiness value chain and ensure quality by better managing agricultural processing and logistics operations.



Market consolidation, increasing regulation and sustainability are transforming the agricultural business landscape, posing challenges for various segments.


Poultry Processing

With the poultry and meat processing industry growing at breakneck speed, market intelligence is becoming an indispensable part of the business agenda.



We can help you shape your commercial strategy using our best-in-class solutions, proprietary data, in-depth market analysis, and real-time forecasts.

We provide best-in-class market intelligence solutions and custom market research services to help our clients navigate pressing issues and achieve sustainable results.

Get in touch to discover how our solutions help agribusiness companies to achieve superior business outcomes.

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