Competitive Landscape Analysis: How does it help shape markets to your advantage?

March 24, 2021

Conducting a competitive landscape analysis may seem like an exhaustive process. Mainly because of the time required to gather market data, share insights, and act upon those insights by integrating them into your business strategy. However, on the flip side, getting into your competitor’s head can help you gauge the competitive landscape by offering you a holistic yet impactful overview of the market.

No company is an island- this particularly holds true in today’s competitive markets. And particularly so in the current business environment. Businesses that perceive the competitive landscape as it is are likely to succeed in the future and gain an edge when compared to their peers. Infiniti’s approach to competitive landscape analysis focuses on analyzing the competitive scenario through an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ strategies, business processes, and the market in general. We adopt a holistic approach that moves beyond the usual market trends analysis and competitor mapping. Evidently, the rewards of adopting such an approach are huge- fewer surprises from your competitors and enhanced ability to tap into new opportunities to shape markets to your advantage.

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How Competitive Landscape Analysis Can Help Businesses

  • Focus on the competition and identify new opportunities
  • Evaluate competitors’ performance
  • Create performance  benchmarks
  • Assess the future of the market and identify those well-positioned to succeed

Breaking Down The Approach to Competitive Landscape Analysis

At Infiniti, we adopt a holistic approach to help our clients analyze the competitive landscape and build effective strategies to meet their business needs.

Phase 1: Competitive Market Research

The initial phase focuses on conducting an in-depth market study to understand the competitive landscape by assessing your competitors’ strategic objectives.


  • Identify opportunities to position your brand across geographies and market segments
  • Gain insights into your competitors’ focus areas and brand strategy
  • Find areas where you and your competitors are winning and losing
  • Leverage market data to identify the untapped market opportunities

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Phase 2: Benchmark Performance Based on Research Findings

The objective is to create visual scorecards that offer a comprehensive view of the competitor’s performance. Our clients’ performance is then compared with top-tier companies to gauge their competitive positions within the industry.


  • Scorecards based visual analysis techniques to help you identify brands that are well-positioned to succeed in the future
  • Interpretation and sharing of large data sets in easy to access formats
  • Identify performance gaps based on KPIs

Phase 3: Strategic Competitor Landscape Analysis

The aim is to analyze the competitive scenario to identify strategic weaknesses and potential risks relative to your positioning, customers, and strategy.


  • Access to product or service-specific data and insights
  • Track your competitor’s moves and anticipate their strategies
  • Find new opportunities to drive brand reach

Integrating competitive insights into business decision-making must be an ongoing process aimed at supporting the strategic plans and business goals.

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