Specialty Chemicals

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Specialty chemicals industry overview

The specialty chemicals industry continues to face unparalleled disruption due to rising competitive pressures and evolving market shifts. These factors transform the industry’s fundamental economics in unanticipated ways, prompting well-established companies to rethink business models and expand their market footprint. Shifting profit pools, market dynamics, and customer demands are a few other factors forcing players in the specialty chemicals industry to reevaluate proven strategies. Most, importantly these shifts are occurring rapidly, leaving no time for business leaders to strategize and prioritize tasks. While few have responded with innovative growth strategies, the other players in the specialty chemicals industry have shifted focus to building new go-to-market capabilities.

Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions are designed to help businesses in the specialty chemicals sector build effective strategies based on their core strengths and capitalize on industry-specific trends to achieve functional excellence in the face of a shifting market landscape. Our industry analysis approach comprises primary and secondary research methodologies and analytical tools that offer in-depth insights to enhance growth initiatives, R&D, innovation, operations, M&As, and sales and marketing. Our specialty chemicals market intelligence solutions are designed to help manufacturers understand the specialty chemicals market space and facilitate efficient capital investment decisions. By offering a comprehensive custom-built portfolio of solutions, we also help clients expand their knowledge base through instant market insights.

Learn how we help market leaders innovate, optimize product portfolios, and drive sustainability amid disruptions.

Focus areas


Inorganic Chemicals

We help specialty chemical companies capitalize on industry-specific trends to achieve functional excellence and long-term growth in the face of a shifting market landscape.



Our expertise in developing distinctive methodologies helps petrochemicals companies devise strategies to capitalize on evolving market trends.



The growing global demand for disposables drives the demand for polymers, making market research an indispensable part of tracking growth levers and changing market dynamics.


Intermediates and Derivatives

We accelerate growth through our market intelligence solutions, in-depth research, domain knowledge, and industry expertise.


Fine Chemicals

We offer advanced market intelligence and custom market research solutions tailored to the growing needs of the fine chemicals industry.


Adhesive Sealants

The global adhesives and sealants market is projected to witness significant growth in the coming years, making market intelligence crucial for driving profitable growth.


Cleaning Chemicals

The rise in awareness about safety amid the pandemic has resulted in high demand for cleaning chemicals globally, giving rise to new challenges for well-established players.


Industrial Gases

Our market intelligence solutions help identify and prioritize end-user segments based on market potential, profitability, and segment-specific value proposition.

We offer unique perspectives on the specialty chemicals value chain, enabling clients to develop a deeper understanding of factors impacting each business vertical, draw conclusive insights, and build effective success strategies.

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