Businesses prefer decision-ready market intelligence. Here’s why

Simple yet powerful market intelligence brings profound change to the current states at 550+ enterprises as global industry leans increasingly toward action- and outcome-oriented research.

Shining light on the DNA of our market research

At Infiniti Research, our research methods are sharply focused on consistently driving business growth for clients by improving their business choices and customer experiences while lessening the impact of risks. Our systematic investigations of the market are, furthermore, grounded in our four core values: focus on specialized knowledge, continuous skill development, strong brand promise, and customer centricity.

Most importantly, our more than 550-strong talent pool strives to take as much of the pain out of organizational change as is humanly possible, thus leaving clients with pleasant surprises and memories only.

Much like our peers, we follow almost all the classic steps in market research, right from defining the research problem to communicating decision-ready insights to clients and, furthermore, helping businesses put these into action. But that’s where the similarities end. What sets us apart is an almost unparalleled research and validation rigor wherein nearly every single data point must pass ultra-careful checks for accuracy and anomaly. The result is that decision makers at client businesses have access to reliable and trustworthy data.

Deconstructing our research methodology

In-depth business requirements analysis

Our analysts spent significant time with client teams and key stakeholders (i.e., the intended end users of our reports) to flesh out their business pain points and get a fix on what kind of market insights would answer the business question at hand.

Ideal blend of data collection methods

Our experts draw on an ideal mix of copious data sources, including primary and secondary data sources (e.g., premium databases). Importantly, in our overall scheme of things, primary research is brought into play not only where secondary data is unavailable, but also to validate findings from secondary research.

Optimal tools to perfect prediction accuracy

Our forecasting science is informed by current machine learning (ML) techniques, which ensure end-to-end coverage and a holistic consideration of the factors that profoundly impact markets, products, and geographic categories.

Unmatched data quality rigor

Multiple levels of back-to-back checks ensure complete data accuracy and the highest quality insights that unambiguously answer the nagging research questions on the minds of decision makers. Quality control of data and insights by leads, managers and research heads ensure these comply with predetermined standards. Our editorial and process teams make sure our language and content are clear, accurate, and effective.

Presentation of research findings

With multiple consultations with stakeholders during the engagement, there is hardly any chance of the client “being in the dark” about anything at all till the report submission. Presentation of interim findings to the client ensures enough maneuvering room for course corrections around research direction or scope of work.

Ongoing post-engagement support

At least in our case, report delivery and final presentation is not the end of story! A team of analysts, leads, and managers are available to support any additional queries the client may have, even post the engagement.

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