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Develop new capabilities to capitalize on market shifts, mitigate risks, and anticipate trends impacting the industrial manufacturing value chain.

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Industrial equipment

Automation and controls

Construction and building materials

Industrial manufacturing industry overview

The increasing demand for convenience, rapid urbanization, and rising population have impacted various industries. For industrial manufacturing companies, these changes have led to a rise in demand and substantial growth. Simultaneously, the need for digitization has posed challenges for growing and established companies. Smart factories, industrial automation, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have offered companies the opportunity to develop robust supply chain strategies, conduct preemptive maintenance, hire skilled labor, and increase efficiency. While there are various benefits, adapting to the digitized business world can be challenging and requires data-driven plans, comprehensive approaches, and well-informed professionals.

Our solutions enable industrial and manufacturing companies to adapt to the changing market, keep pace with high demand for heavy equipment, and understand the value of digitization. Additionally, our market intelligence solutions provide companies with the insights required to make relevant supply chain changes, ensure employee safety, and understand market dynamics. With expert guidance, industrial manufacturing companies can also evaluate the impact of market trends on their business operations, develop strategies to adapt and stay a step ahead of competitors in the growing market.


Our best-in-class solutions supported by innovative research methodologies enable us to transform theories and fresh ideas into real-world solutions for our clients.

Sectors we cover

Industrial Equipment

Leverage cutting-edge market intelligence solutions to identify megatrends driving growth and profitability in the industrial equipment segment.

Automation and Controls

We’ll help you address digital disruptions and create new opportunities for your organization with a futuristic view of business models, technology, and end-users.

Construction and Building Materials

We provide customized solutions backed with vital data points to help devise the best strategies for growth and meet the unique needs of every industrial manufacturing market segment.

How we help clients

Positioned at the forefront of market intelligence and customized market research solutions, Infiniti Research is the strategic global research partner for leading players across industries. Our expertise in market research enables us to offer industrial manufacturing market intelligence solutions tailored to the needs of our clients to support them with succinct answers for business decisions in areas including market opportunity assessment, industry best practices benchmarking, value-channel analysis, and customer segmentation.


Gain a detailed industry outlook and analyze factors impacting growth

Adopt a futuristic vision to gain a first mover advantage in the increasingly competitive industrial manufacturing sector.



Identify new growth opportunities

We offer innovative, tailored market intelligence solutions to help you assess the target audiences’ needs and define the right opportunities to invest in to drive growth and profitability.



Understand the business environment

By combining innovative research methodologies and industry expertise, we deliver cutting-edge solutions and market insights to analyze your business environment.

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“I wish I knew Infiniti earlier, what a difference using your services has made to our understanding of our customers and competitors.”

A global medical device client

“I am really satisfied with their understanding of our needs and how the results are sharply focused on driving business.”

A renowned chemical company

“We appreciate your attention to detail, your prompt responses, your ability to give us updates and information on relevant queries.”

A global manufacturing client

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