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We garner insights from the latest information gathered from across the globe to answer all your questions through our well-crafted, customized solutions and offer you excellent value for money by implementing a consciously low-overhead approach, backed by research centers in emerging markets.

Why Infiniti should be your next Market Intelligence Partner

  • Proven capabilities to deliver actionable granular insights across the globe
  • Preference to obtain fresh market data through variety of primary research methods including IDIs, Surveys and Focus Group Discussions
  • Expert and dedicated analysts who can use their knowledge and experience to deliver both qualitative and quantitative projects
  • Flexible deliverable formats including “Infographics” to make data relevant for marketing decisions
  • Ability to scale quickly for larger engagement and use of technology to deliver in real time on customized portals
  • Use of statistical, scientific methods and scientific experiments to the solution of marketing problems

Introduction to our services


Helping you foresee changing market dynamics and make informed decisions



Supporting acquisition and retention of customers through fact-based insights



Studying market trends from unstructured social media data
to increase media ROI


What sets us apart?

Our experienced analysts gather high-quality data across all facets of quantitative, qualitative, and customized market research solutions covering 60+ countries and 30+ languages to give our clients the most actionable insights for the strategy imperatives.

What do we deliver?

We have delivered over 10,000 projects for leading Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Over 500 industry experts hold regular discussions with our clients to ensure all requirements are addressed so we can provide in-depth information that help businesses develop action plans and market strategies.
Act-on solutions
Domain knowledge
Local intelligence by industry experts
Best value per research dollar


Years of Experience in Setting up Strategic Market Intelligence and Insights Programs for Companies with Global Business Presence


Successful Deep-Dive Market Intelligence Engagements Providing Insights across the Globe


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the Globe



Latest insights from our industry experts

We’ve worked with

Several Fortune 500 companies & industry leaders from across the globe to deliver complex and strategic market intelligence solutions.

Infiniti has been thinking along with us from the start, enhancing the way we structured the process and the expectations

I am really satisfied with their level of understanding of what our needs are and how the results are sharply focused on such without wasting time on peripheral subjects.

We appreciate your attention to detail, your prompt responses, your ability to give us updates and information.

I wish I knew Infiniti earlier, what a difference using your services has made to our understanding of our market, customers and competitors…some we never knew existed