Procurement Intelligence

Tackle supply chain disruptions and ensure business continuity with best-in-class procurement intelligence solutions.

Procurement market intelligence has gained widespread adoption, becoming a prominent growth lever across industries. The rise in demand and acceptance of procurement intelligence as a key growth driver can be attributed to the maturing supply chains and the growing need to strengthen them to tackle the ongoing disruptions. Crisis-induced disruptions, volatility, and dynamic market trends have further emphasized the importance of procurement market intelligence in driving business value and resilience.

While emerging market companies strive to build a future-focused model to address market disruptions, leading businesses have taken the lead in embedding procurement intelligence into their business functions to mitigate risks, enhance business outcomes, and build a digital procurement organization. Our procurement intelligence solutions help assess and understand different factors impacting global supply chains by offering strategic insights on aspects considered to be most important to you and your organization.

Core capabilities

By providing incisive insights through our procurement market intelligence solutions, we empower business leaders to devise new success strategies to meet their sourcing and procurement goals.


Supply market intelligence

By providing in-depth insights on demand and supply market developments, our procurement intelligence solutions help clients assess advances in the supply market, estimate current and future commodity prices, and identify emerging low-cost sourcing destinations.


Spend analysis and benchmarking

Leveraging a meticulous process of categorizing and analyzing spend drivers, we devise optimal sourcing plans to assist our clients in identifying cost reduction opportunities, mapping common attributes of suppliers and commodities, and improving spend practices.


Supply chain risk management

Deriving deep insights across supply chain tiers, we provide our clients seamless, proactive insights to make informed decisions and devise action plans to mitigate potential risks and avoid negative impacts on the company’s performance.


Category management

Our strategic procurement and category management solutions help clients forecast category prices, devise category strategy execution roadmaps, implement risk mitigation measures, and identify the best alternative strategies and sourcing best practices.

Address procurement risks and sourcing challenges with advanced procurement market intelligence solutions.

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