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Food products industry overview

Innovation and new product development are crucial for driving sustainable growth in the food products and beverage industry. The challenges involved in developing new food products are rapidly increasing due to consumer demand for organic food products, particularly the rise in preference for customized, healthy food products. New product research backed with in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape has proven to aid food product development, significantly impacting production cost, product quality, and profitability.

Given the growing need for innovation within the food products and beverage industry, many players are turning to ad-hoc product development approaches to drive growth. This highlights a need for further research into novel new food product development methods in the food sector. At Infiniti Research, we provide actionable insights and market strategies based on an analysis of the key market trends influencing the market space for new food products and beverages. Our industry experts analyze the latest developments in the food products market to predict the future market scenario and offer granular insights on market size, competition, and emerging trends. This approach helps companies to gain a better, unique strategic view of the consumers’ trends, product innovation, and cultural changes that will reshape the future of new food product development.

Our market intelligence solutions span the entire spectrum of the food products and beverages value chain, including manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers.

Focus areas


Health and Wellness Foods

Gain product innovation insights, strategic recommendations, and understand consumer trends reshaping the health and wellness food market.


Packaged Foods

Our highly skilled food packaging industry specialists offer customized solutions to help clients magnify their competitive advantage by improving speed-to-market.


Food Service and Hospitality

Act upon changing market trends, drivers, and threats to achieve organizational objectives and drive profitable growth in the foodservice and hospitality industry.


Sports and Energy Drinks

The sports and energy drinks segment is evolving in terms of ingredients, flavor, and function, paving the way for new growth opportunities.


Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages

With demand for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages driven by consumer preferences and demographics, it’s crucial to understand the business environment to succeed.


Frozen Food

Companies in the frozen food market must take calculative and well-executed measures to ensure business continuity amid the crisis.


Tailored to your unique needs, our market intelligence solutions enable in-depth industry analysis, offer exclusive insights and expert recommendations to help you gain a competitive edge.

Contact us to find out how we help clients identify new opportunities and address business challenges to thrive in today’s highly competitive food products market.

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