Customer Intelligence

Build strong customer relationships and enhance your decision-making process with accurate, real-time customer insights.

With marketing, sales, and business strategies becoming increasingly customer-centric, customer intelligence has never been more valuable in creating a competitive edge. To thrive amid complexities, businesses across industries must focus on developing strategies to attract and retain customers while also reducing attrition rates. Our customer intelligence solutions provide companies with crucial data regarding changing customer needs and preferences to help build stronger customer relationships through advanced decision-making.

Infiniti’s customer intelligence solutions have helped businesses across industries identify customers’ needs and understand factors impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our customer intelligence experts support clients by providing the necessary data and insights required to develop long-term solutions to potential customer preference changes and identify unmet needs in the market. We also help our clients create new strategies, business models, and innovative approaches by performing customer need analysis and brand health assessments that focus on improving customer data utilization to fuel customer experiences.

Core capabilities

Our expertise enables us to offer tailored solutions that empower business leaders to conduct customer loyalty assessments and identify best practices to reduce customer attrition rates. By providing timely incisive customer intelligence solutions, we also help our clients gain an edge by delivering a differentiated customer experience.


Customer segmentation and need analysis

Growing economies and evolving markets have prompted businesses to focus on customer-centric business strategies. Our customer segmentation solutions offer actionable insights to develop personalized offerings, targeted marketing initiatives, and new products or services. Our expertise also enables us to help our clients identify and bridge gaps to gain a competitive advantage.


Customer satisfaction and loyalty assessment

High attrition rates can impact profitability and growth in competitive markets. As a result, companies must address challenges, shortfalls, and problems within the industry to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our customer intelligence solutions are designed to help clients address these challenges, formulate novel strategies, identify industry best practices, and develop targeted initiatives to reduce losses.


Brand health assessment

Brand health assessments provide businesses with significant insights into the factors influencing brand awareness, viability, and the overall brand image. This process includes analyzing website data, conducting surveys, interviews, and in-depth market research. Leveraging this approach can help business leaders address shortcomings, develop strategies to mitigate challenges, and enhance brand awareness.


Account assessment and win-loss assessment

Developing consumer-centric business strategies requires a comprehensive understanding of consumers’ behavioral patterns to predict the success or failure of various systems and opportunities. Account intelligence-based win-loss assessments help businesses to identify, measure, evaluate the success or failure of sales opportunities and analyze factors impacting the win-loss rate.

Understand your customers and devise robust strategies to strengthen customer relationships with customer intelligence.

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