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About us

Founded in 2003, Infiniti Research is a global leader in customized market intelligence and advisory services. Today, nearly 100 businesses worldwide count on our timely and incisive insights to rise to new challenges and get around market complexities skillfully. At Infiniti Research, we have 500+ domain experts, analysts, and consultants across six locations dedicated to researching various B2B and consumer segments and delivering stellar market intelligence at the fingertips of key decision makers. Industry participants are many, but gamechangers are the ones to look out for. Because they tend to fundamentally reshape the field to their advantage, and what is turbocharging them is actionable market intelligence. In a world where the only constant is “change” and established businesses risk imminent disruption from innovative ideas, and revenue models, we believe fact-based market insights are going to make all the difference.

Our mission & vision

Our mission

Our mission

To help our clients grow and build better futures informed by data-driven insights, innovation, and expertise.

Our vision

Our vision

To put the success and interests of our clients ahead of ours in the full realization that our own success derives from theirs.

Our core values

  • A focus on the coreWhile we have a presence in certain adjacencies, we continue to do what clients say we are good at: market research. It’s our mainstay.

  • Continuous learningOn an ongoing basis, we hone our skillsets with emphasis on data analysis, statistical tools, big picture thinking, and social intelligence.

  • Reputation consciousWe are mindful of the reputation we have built up on the back of hard-won client successes. We also take our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities seriously.

  • Customer centricityWe are fully committed to our customer base and do all we can to understand customers’ needs and exceed their expectations in every respect, not limited to just price, quality, and delivery.

Core value

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