Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Led by demand in end-use industries, these markets will likely perform well, now and in the future. But insights on pricing trends, demand-supply fluctuations, and competitors are going to be crucial.

Our capabilities

The huge take-up of ferrous and non-ferrous metals by sectors including automotive, electricity, home appliances, and manufacturing is catapulting both sectors to new highs. Businesses are eyeing profitable new avenues in coatings, construction sector, and metal reclamation. To stay competitive market participants must closely monitor price trends and anticipate price/supply fluctuations. breadth of insights from these all-important sectors to tide over challenges and aid decision making.

Positive market growth in end-use sectors is creating unparalleled opportunities for businesses in the ferrous and non-ferrous market. The challenges associated with these bountiful circumstances include energy costs, sustainability concerns, and frequent supply chain logjams. How well-placed are market participants to handle these issues to make strides in a competitive market? Combining impactful data with experience, our market intelligence experts help clients with sales performance.

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