Power generation

The sector is seeing tumultuous change triggered by factors like rising energy demands and the shift toward cleaner energy sources. Accurate insights can point businesses in the right direction.

Our capabilities

The power generation market has seen considerable growth in recent times. The insatiable global appetite for energy, led by the ascendance of the industrial sector, and increasing share of renewables in the energy mix are prominent trends shaking up the power generation landscape. Integration of renewable energy sources, which are intermittent by nature, into the existing grid is a key challenge. Besides, power generators could rack up punitive fines for non-compliance with regulatory mandates.

Many businesses see power generation as a “shining star”, especially in renewable energy and power storage services. On one hand, the sector is skewed toward fossil fuels, and these are major greenhouse gas contributors. By contrast, renewable energy sources are cleaner, but supplies tend to be erratic. Our experts help businesses negotiate these and other “speed breakers” in their way such as regulatory overreach and skilled labor shortages.

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