Industrial Equipment

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Industrial equipment industry overview

Leading industrial equipment, automation and control systems, and construction machinery manufacturers are finding it challenging to gain an edge amid the ongoing shifts in the market. Several new challenges have emerged due to the COVID-19 crisis and the rise in demand from emerging and mature market segments. The rise in global competition from new, low-cost producers and fluctuating raw material prices have severely impacted growth. Due to many factors relying on market data to make crucial decisions regarding product portfolios, customer acquisition strategies, market expansion, and M&A have never been more critical.

At Infiniti Research, we believe that industrial manufacturing companies must develop an in-depth understanding of the entire product portfolio, competitor strategies, and market dynamics to optimize manufacturing assets, reduce complexity, manage supply chains, and design efficient business models. We have over 17 years of experience working with industrial manufacturing leaders, ranging from the world’s largest diversified enterprises to well-established component suppliers. We understand the unique challenges facing industrial equipment manufacturers, and we strive to help them optimize and scale their business performance using in-depth market data. What sets us apart is the ability of our cross-functional research teams to offer custom, targeted solutions to tackle the unique challenges faced by businesses across market segments.

Find out how our market intelligence solutions enable industrial equipment companies to build an agile organization that can adapt to changing market conditions.

Focus areas


Castings and Forgings

Analyze the growth dynamics of the global castings and forgings market with the help of advanced solutions and smart insights.


Pipes and Fittings

Develop innovative products and accelerate the development of new revenue streams with advanced solutions and smart insights.


Valves and Actuators

Meet production schedules, maintain product quality, and improve the efficiency of your plant with detailed insights on factors impacting your business.


Oil Field Equipment

The growing demand from industrial sectors like oil and gas is expected to increase the demand for advanced equipment, making it challenging for businesses to thrive.


Material Handling Equipment

We enable industrial equipment companies to innovate, repurpose and strategize to achieve significant top and bottom-line growth.


Pumps and Compressors

We help our clients find answers to unique business challenges using in-depth research, innovative methodologies, and next-gen market intelligence solutions.


Heavy Equipment

We help industrial equipment companies to transform their business and adopt a future-focused vision to drive rapid growth.


Chippers and Grinders

Our industrial equipment market experts help companies gain an edge by helping them create go-to-market plans and find new avenues for growth.

Our market intelligence solutions enable players in the industrial equipment sector to gain in-depth insights into the current market scenario, emerging trends, and competitors’ strategies.

Contact us to learn how we can help you build winning strategies to succeed in a complex business environment.

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