Food Ingredients and Additives

Capitalize on a unique blend of market data, research insights, and expert recommendations to discover new ingredients and address food safety issues.

Food ingredients and additives industry overview

Rapid urbanization and the increasing purchasing power of the global population have led to a surge in the adoption of convenience food. The growing demand for food products, in turn, has led to an upsurge in the export and import of food ingredients and additives for extending the shelf-life and maintaining the quality of food products.

At Infiniti Research, we help food ingredients and additives manufacturers to understand the global food ingredients and additives market by offering in-depth market research solutions that enable a detailed analysis of the industry, competitive landscape, market trends, industry dynamics, and new opportunities. The ultimate goal is to support strategic business planning and provide up-to-date and reliable insights on factors impacting growth, right from analyzing market potential to understanding how additives and ingredients are used across categories.

Our market intelligence solutions focus on combining market data, technology inputs, growth strategies to support a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape and future market trends. By synthesizing the information collected from reliable sources, we offer insights into new opportunities and future growth potential to help food ingredients and additives companies develop strategies to become market leaders.

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Focus areas



Identify trends impacting the use of natural and artificial sweeteners and capitalize on new growth opportunities to build sticky revenue streams.


Food Preservatives

We help our clients stay agile and responsive by offering comprehensive, timely insights on food trends and market developments.


Color Additives

Drive disruptive growth and address challenges in different end-use segments with advanced market intelligence solutions and up-to-date market insights.


Food Enzymes

Whether it’s helping with growth strategy, M&A, or implementing new business models, we provide customized solutions and in-depth insights to help our clients redefine business processes.


Flavors and Spices

Increasing demand for flavors and spices is expected to drive market growth, paving the way for new production, processing, and import challenges.


Flavor Enhancers

With over 17 years of industry expertise across all food and beverage segments, we combine our domain knowledge and the latest industry trends to devise transformational strategies.


Gelling Agents, Thickeners, and Stabilizers

We offer actionable insights to help businesses understand their market better and modify their product offerings based on market demand.


Nutritional Ingredients

The rising demand for nutritional ingredients will play a major role in driving growth within the F&B market. Our solutions can help analyze these changes and build winning strategies.

With services spanning growth strategy, go-to-market support, market opportunity assessment, and market analysis, we help our clients gain a competitive advantage by leveraging impactful market insights.

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