Paints and coatings

Eco-friendly products that are easy to use and provide long-term protection! Digital shop floors that drive operational efficiency and enhance product experience! Paints and coatings businesses must stay at the forefront of these industry trends.

Our capabilities

Digital technology has ushered in sweeping changes in the paints and coatings landscape. The convergence of AI, ML and big data analytics has pepped up shopfloor operations and spurred innovation efforts. This has birthed great business ideas like energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and exceptionally durable formulations. With actionable insights, we enable businesses to turn such game-changing ideas into profit.

Where businesses don’t reflect today’s market realities, that’s probably a recipe for trouble. Paints and coatings is a fast-changing industry, with hefty new ideas swirling all around: Sustainability, digitization, durability, high performance, AI, ML, big data, and the like. What do I prioritize and what can wait? Our smart insights and advanced market metrics for the paints and coatings sector will help you get a firmer grip on the industry dynamic.

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