Increasing smartphone ownership and frictionless integration of online-offline shopping channels are contributing to the sector’s momentous growth. But the ground reality is that without exceptional insights businesses cannot keep going.

Our capabilities

With soaring smart phone adoptions and improving omnichannel functionalities, e-tailers are reporting strong sales growth. By ensuring the most optimal product-customer match, personalized product suggestions are leading to higher conversions. Nevertheless, before long, the gravy train might slow, and margins might start to falter in the absence of exceptionally good insights into market conditions. We can deliver those metrics and provide first-hand support every every step of the way.

E-tail businesses in their multiple avatars (e.g., brick ‘n’ click, pure-play e-tail) are going from strength to strength, which means businesses must double down on their strengths to stay relevant. “Omnichannel experience” sounds nice, and some businesses have upped revenues by more than a tenth. But omnichannel implementations by default do not yield stellar revenues. With comprehensive market metrics, our experts can help you improve your marketing strategy and lift sales significantly.

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