Nuclear and renewable energy

In conjunction with renewable energy, nuclear power can help humanity navigate the decarbonization conundrum by significantly contributing to electricity generation. To capture value from the market, businesses need to understand it better.

Our capabilities

Electricity generated from sources like nuclear and renewables with significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions will shape that low-carbon energy landscape. However, the integration of these is no walk in the park. It is important to allay the concerns around the cost competitiveness of some of these energy sources. Operational safety measures need to be looked into as well. Outcome-based market research will help businesses steer through such uncertainties and boost opportunities.

The sector is gearing up for a substantial market expansion, and the future looks really bright. But it is easy for market participants to get caught in regulatory and policy frameworks. Labor and raw material shortages could squeeze out projects. These are not once and done exercises, which means businesses must step up energy storage and digitization efforts on a continuous basis. Our experts can suggest systemic fixes to all these issues and make life easy for everyone involved.

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