8 Easy Ways to Improve Patient Care in the Healthcare Industry

January 25, 2018

As the healthcare industry is moving towards a more patient-centric business model, positive patient experiences and patient satisfaction have become an integral part of patient care. To make this happen, healthcare providers must not only understand the constituents of patient experience but also have a clear understanding about how they can support positive patient experience. Patient experience includes elements of convenient care, healthcare quality, and patient satisfaction. Ideally, healthcare companies need to focus on delivering high-quality healthcare and fostering patient safety to create a positive patient experience. Healthcare industry players can reduce patient suffering by being more attentive to the latter’s needs. Checking in on-call buttons or determining if a patient needs help to get an item or for using the bathroom can help protect patients from falls or other harms, reducing preventable suffering. Here are some best practices that companies in the healthcare industry can follow to improve patient care :IR_Brochure

Train your staff

Staff support and training are essential to ensure that the workforce is not only focused on delivering services that are high in quality but also emphasizes on providing positive patient experience. This is one of the first steps in effective patient care as the staff is the face of the healthcare provider as they are in direct contact with the patients. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure that they understand what is expected of them. Also, since they interact with the patients on a regular basis, it is highly advisable to take suggestions from the staff on how patient care can be improved.

Patient education

In addition to good healthcare services, providing patients with the necessary information and tools to improve health and cultivate healthier behaviors is critical to creating an extraordinary patient experience. When a patient leaves the hospital with more knowledge than what they had before, it will make them feel that they have received more comprehensive care. Several surveys and studies have shown that a greater patient knowledge results in a higher rate of patient adherence, which simultaneously leads to improvements in patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

Cultivating a care-oriented environment

An environment in which the patient feels truly cared for can make considerable differences in terms of patient satisfaction. What can healthcare players do to inculcate a positive environment in patient care you wonder? They can make use of small gestures that go a long way, such as remembering the name of the patient, greeting them with a smile, genuinely listening to what the patient has to say and engaging with them, etc.

Keep tabs on medical supplies

Players in the healthcare industry must ensure that they are able to provide timely patient care in the right manner to avoid customer complaints and dissatisfaction. For patient care to take place smoothly, it is necessary to have adequate medical supplies on hand. If time is wasted unwantedly on activities like tracking down medical supplies in the middle of patient care, it could lead to severe frustration among the patients and the medical professionals.

Create a follow-up mechanism

Technological advancements in the field of healthcare have made patient care more accessible and a less complicated process for all the parties involved. Therefore, companies in the healthcare industry must be open to investing in these technologies to make patient-care a memorable and satisfying experience for the patients. These measures will also help foster long-term patient relationships and create better patient care and healthcare outcomes.


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