Medical Robots: How Are They Redefining Healthcare?

November 14, 2017

Gone are the days when the existence of robots was limited to sci-fi movies. Today they are everywhere – from the retail sector to the healthcare industry – due to their high efficiency. The healthcare industry being highly sensitive in nature, has to be on their toes to ensure that patients are given the highest quality of care. Hence, the healthcare industry is looking at innovative technology such as medical robots to enhance their service levels and provide a unique experience to their patients. Wonder what benefits these medical robots offer to healthcare? Here is the answer:IR_Brochure

Surgical Precision

Surgery is often considered as an epitome of an unpleasant experience. The long waiting lists in hospitals that depend on the available manpower add to it. Also, surgery is a complex process in which human error may occur; this is where medical robots dive in to save the day. With the help of robotics, the tasks are made easier for surgeons.

Handling Monotonous Tasks

In a conventional hospital scenario, the nurses attend to the patients regularly to keep a check on their health. Due to repetitive tasks that have to be carried out for long periods of time, the nurses might find it monotonous, eventually resulting in an unpleasant experience for the customers. Medical robots act as robotic nurses that are designed to carry out repetitive tasks without any deterioration in quality.

Patient Engagement

Various robots are currently being designed to interact with patients and to keep a check on their living conditions and the need for further assistance. With the security and privacy systems in place, these medical robots can help improve the lives of caretakers and patients.

Exoskeletons are Becoming a Reality

Many of us maybe familiar with exoskeletons that have been widely utilized in many movies and video games. It is a type of medical robotics using which people who have the disability to walk or are paralyzed can walk. It is also an important tool used in the rehabilitation of patients with stroke or spinal cord injuries.


The help of medical robotics could help relieve the workload of pharmacists. Robots can process information much faster and much more accurately when compared to humans. In this way, medical robots could make more precise recommendations after examining the patient’s medical records.

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