Patient Journey Mapping Helped a Healthcare Company to Understand Patient Behavior and Increase Business Outcome

April 27, 2020

Changing economic and demographic characteristics are affecting the healthcare needs of patients worldwide. For healthcare companies, patient satisfaction is likely to become an increasingly important source of competitive advantage. The key to patient engagement and satisfaction is identifying gaps in offerings and delivering exceptional customer service. As such, healthcare companies worldwide are focusing on understanding how patients interact with a hospital or health system throughout their care journey. This is where patient journey mapping comes into play. By leveraging patient journey mapping solution, healthcare companies can identify gaps that may hinder their relationship-building during preclinical phases, create personalized experiences for each patient, and unlock opportunities to improve pre and post-clinical patient engagement.

Recent statistics show that healthcare providers that emphasize the customer experience achieve greater revenue than providers that do not prioritize the customer experience. Our patient journey mapping engagement can help you to enhance the customer experience. Request a FREE proposal here.

Business Challenge

The client is a healthcare company based out of the United Arab Emirates.

A healthcare company encountered a stagnant growth for two consecutive years. Also, they were losing ground to competitors. To stay competitive and retain valuable patients, they wanted to better understand patient experiences during every stage of interaction with the health system, match their business objectives with ever-changing market forces, and build long-term patient relations. Besides, to efficiently engage today’s value-driven customers, the client wanted to identify areas for improvement by mapping the entire patient journey and focus on creating excellent experiences for their patients. To do so, they chose to collaborate with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering patient journey mapping.

Other key objectives of the client were:

  • Understanding patient behavior throughout every stage of their care journey
  • Understanding patients’ needs, demands, and preferences
  • Understanding the gaps and opportunities to improve patient communication
  • Improving patient engagement through timely and targeted outreach efforts
  • Keeping up with shifting market forces to ensure high rates of patient acquisition and retention
  • Creating personalized experiences for each patient by deeply understanding their needs and preferences
  • Improving pre-clinical customer engagement
  • Uncovering latent market opportunities
  • Examining how you stack up against competitors throughout the customer journey

By leveraging patient journey mapping, leading healthcare companies are crafting a strategic and personalized approach to keep their patients engaged during the whole journey. Don’t get left behind. Contact us to leverage patient journey mapping solution.

patient communications. In addition to this, the client was also able to explore opportunities to improve pre- and post-clinical patient engagement through timely, targeted outreach efforts and boosts retention rates by reinforcing long-term patient relationships.

In a short period of 90 days, the results of patient journey mapping have been extremely encouraging for the client, both in terms of employee engagement and patient experience. Subsequently, the healthcare industry client was able to realize savings of over 1.8 million AED.

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