Disruptive Trends Shaping the Consumer Electronics Market

Aug 4, 2020

Consumer electronics is an ever-changing and evolving market. As technological advancements continually enter the market, consumer electronics must adapt and adjust to fulfill customer wants and needs. As companies struggle to cope with this fast-paced market, industries attempt to analyze current trends and forecast coming trends in the market.   

With the arrival of smart TVs, smart speakers, and other technologies that allow for connected consumer electronics products, consumer demands have changed. Convenience and ease are of utmost importance to consumers. With fast-paced, hectic lives, the convenience of smart devices is unparalleled. While the advancements are brilliant for consumers, it raises challenges for the consumer electronics companies in the market.

It is crucial for consumer electronics companies to forecast, understand, and prepare for the ever-evolving market trends. Many companies are approaching market research firms to leverage their market trend analysis solutions. To forecast the changes in consumer behavior and market trends, and successfully stay ahead of them.

With the incorporation of augmented reality in smartphones and the development of 3D sensing cameras and AI chips, developers can build more powerful AR experiences in commonly used devices. Other innovations and trends such as these are influencing significant change in the consumer electronics market. In this article, Infiniti’s industry experts highlight the key market trends affecting the consumer electronics market.

In this fast-paced market, it is essential to understand the trends and innovations that are influencing market growth. Speak to our experts to learn more about the key market drivers and trends.

Consumer Electronics Market Trends

In a market as fast-paced and highly demanded as the consumer electronics market, it is vital for companies always to stay a step ahead. The best way to achieve this is to be aware of the current and upcoming trends in the market, and how they influence companies and products. Therefore, our experts have listed the following three key trends in the consumer electronics market:

Smart Speakers and Displays

Convenience is essential to consumers everywhere. Be it individual consumers or businesses, smart TVs and smart speakers help conserve time, and are used by consumers of any age level or technological adeptness level. With quick access to various platforms, such as Netflix and Youtube, and connections to Amazon and Google software ecosystems, consumer demand has risen exponentially over recent years. For consumer electronics companies, this translates into prioritizing smart devices as per consumer demand.

Smart homes

With a rise in voice control functionality in various home appliances, smart homes are becoming extremely common. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are connected to most home appliances through wi-fi. Devices such as vacuum cleaners, printers, and even lights, can be easily controlled with these software ecosystems. Voice control is also now being integrated with smart TVs. Consumer electronics companies must aim towards creating devices and electronics that integrate with these software ecosystems and smart homes efficiently. Consumer convenience must be the primary focus of all companies, to grow successfully in this market.

Wearable Devices

As technology develops to be easy-to-use and convenient for consumers, wearable devices have become a commonality. In professional and leisure settings, wearable devices allow immediate access to various platforms and interfaces. If appropriately integrated, wearable devices can enable further access to smart homes. Wearable devices are continually evolving and developing, and consumer electronics companies must aim towards creating more appliances and electronics that integrate with this booming trend. Offering mid-tier and lower-priced devices would also help consumers and increase demand.

Consumer Electronics + Market Trend Analysis

These are the three major trends that are currently influencing the consumer electronics market. Get more information and in-depth insights into these market trends today.

The Role of Market Trend Analysis

In the consumer electronics market, trends change at a fast pace. While the trends discussed above may be crucial to the market currently, a new technological development, other advancements can improve the growth and the direction of the market majorly within months. To always stay ahead of these changes, companies must leverage market trend analysis solutions. Infiniti’s experts have detailed the following benefits of our market trend analysis solutions:

  • Identifying Current Trends: Infiniti’s research experts are equipped to provide in-depth insights on current market trends. They are also equipped to guide companies on the ideal steps to be taken, to proliferate, and increase market share and revenue. Identifying and understanding current trends is the first step towards coping with and growing in a fast-paced market.
  • Forecasting Coming Trends: Our trend analysis solutions can also help forecast trends. It allows companies to strategize and plan development, inventory, and delivery of their products. Additionally, it helps in strategizing for current products, as well as when launching new products. With new trends continually developing, companies need to ensure that they are strategically equipped for changes in demand and consumer buying behavior.
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: Identifying and forecasting market trends is crucial to growing in a competitive industry efficiently. However, a significant competitive advantage provided by market trend analysis solutions is the ability to compare with competitors and key market players. It can also help identify the gaps and implement the necessary changes.

Market trend analysis solutions can help businesses identify, understand, forecast, and stay ahead of the trends in this market. Request a free proposal to gain unparalleled competitive insights.

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