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Expanding into EMEA: Developing a Robust Go To Market Plan For a Shrink Wrap Packaging Company

Target market: Industrial packaging | Region under focus: EMEA

Focus area: Shrink wrap packaging | Solution: Go to market plan

Engagement Summary

This go to market (GTM) engagement focuses on helping a client venture into a new market segment by offering comprehensive research insights and a well-thought-out plan to provide a unique value proposition for their customers. Within five weeks, the client gained comprehensive research insights that helped them venture into the shrink wrap packaging market in Europe.

Infiniti’s approach to creating the go to market plan for the packaging client included industry-specific information on critical factors impacting market dynamics, forecasts (forecasted CAGR up to 2027), industry trends, competitive landscape, and key recommendations from packaging industry experts.

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Business Challenge

The client, a prominent shrink wrap packaging company based out of the US, wanted to evaluate the feasibility of promoting its products and services in the new region. They also wanted to analyze the major factors involved in targeting potential customers with the help of a detailed go to market study.

Since the packaging company was looking to enter a new segment in terms of geography and target customers, developing a go to market plan proved advantageous in laying out a clear path for business success. The company partnered with Infiniti Research to support its expansion efforts using a holistic go-to-market strategy. They also wanted to create unique value propositions to win more customers by using research data and identifying innovative best practices to support their decisions.

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Market Overview: Global Shrink Wrap Packaging

The significant growth of the pharma, chemicals and medical devices industries has fueled the demand for shrink wrap packaging over the past decade. The rise in disposable incomes and changing lifestyle preferences of consumers have also resulted in a rise in the packaging of products, providing a huge opportunity for the key players operating in the packaging industry. However, rapid industrialization and growing competition from tech-enabled players are projected to hamper the growth of the global shrink wrap packaging segment.

Given the ongoing developments and expansion opportunities available for businesses, experts at Infiniti Research find EMEA and APAC to be the most lucrative markets for shrink wrap packaging companies. The growing demand for shrink wrap packaging from pharma and chemical sectors together constitute over 60% of the global demand; this, in turn, is expected to drive market growth and profitability for those who make the right move now.

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Infiniti’s Go To Market Approach

To help the client address their challenge, we proposed a custom approach to creating a go-to-market strategy. This approach combined primary and secondary research methodologies comprising in-depth industry analysis, stakeholder interviews, structured and unstructured surveys, and one-on-one interactions with key decision-makers and industry experts.

Our research experts also conducted rigorous secondary research and leveraged industry databases to conduct a detailed study with a region-wise and application segment-wise focus. Apart from offering detailed insights on the competitive landscape, the solutions offered enabled the client to access relevant industry information to create unique value propositions to target new customers.

Key recommendations for the client

Three-phased go to market approach: Experts at Infiniti Research devised a three-phased go to market approach. The initial phase focused on targeted industry analysis to identify segments and consumers with high demand. As a result, the client identified two specific regions and customer segments that need to be targeted for the initial roll-out.

Targeting industries with high growth potential: For the initial roll-out, experts at Infiniti identified three major industrial segments that turned out to be the most lucrative segments with high demand for shrink wrap packaging.

Business Outcome

The go to market study unraveled detailed insights that helped the client venture into the new market using a three-phased approach. Within seven months of venturing into the new space, the company’s sales doubled, driving substantial revenue gains and capture a fair share of the market.

The benefits achieved include:

  • Customized targeting helped win new customers and increase sales by 2x within a few months
  • Identified gaps in customer needs and their offerings and invested in R&D for diversification into adjacent segments
  • Identified factors impacting growth using a location-based approach, improving inventory and supply chain planning

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Flexible Packaging Market + Market Trends Analysis

The Flexible Packaging Market: Breaking Down Market Trends with Thought Leader Insights

The flexible packaging market has witnessed steady growth over recent years. As the demand for lightweight and aesthetically pleasing packaging rises, the market continues to grow. Increasing urbanization, population, and need for convenience are other crucial factors contributing to the growth of the flexible packaging market. In recent years, convenience, aesthetics, and mass production have been essential factors in increasing consumer satisfaction. Urbanization, particularly in the APAC region, and an increase in population has also led to higher demand for on-the-go, easy-to-use packaging.

Food is the largest end-use industry in the flexible packaging market and was one of the earliest industries to adopt flexible packaging. Due to this change, the industry has seen continued growth over recent years, as demand for convenient packaging for ready-to-eat packaged food, snacks, and frozen meals increased.

The flexible packaging market continuously experiences and witnesses a variety of market trends. These trends change as time, technology, and consumer preferences advance. More recently, issues of environmental safety, increasing innovation, convenient shopping habits, and changes in consumers’ demands have impacted the market.

These are continually evolving and changing trends that can be incredibly challenging for companies since they require change, innovation, and preparation to overcome efficiently. Therefore, many top market players leverage expertise on market trends analysis. This analysis allows companies to stay ahead of the trends and their competitors. In this article, Infiniti’s research experts answer questions regarding the most prominent trends in the flexible packaging market, while also highlighting the importance of market trends analysis for market players.   

The flexible packaging market is expected to grow in the coming years. To efficiently forecast and develop strategies for this market growth, request a free proposal.

Q&A: Flexible Packaging Market Trends        

How does the growing demand for sustainability affect the flexible packaging market?

Contrary to popular belief, the demand for sustainable packaging is a positive factor for the flexible packaging market. Rising concern regarding the environmental crisis and the technological developments in the field of sustainability has led to a steady increase in the demand for sustainable packaging over recent years. The rigid-to-flexible packaging conversion was a significant change in the market, and sustainable packaging is the next significant conversion.

Recyclable, bio-degradable, and cost-effective packaging solutions are being rapidly developed. This allows companies to reduce costs, keep customers satisfied, produce eco-friendly products, and reduce waste. Major brands across the globe are working towards developing sustainable packaging solutions. With initiatives such as these, the conversion to recyclable packaging will be faster and will act as a significant growth driver in this market.

What role does the food industry play in the flexible packaging market?

Food is the largest end-use industry in this market. There has been a recent, substantial increase in demand for ready-to-eat and on-the-go foods. As countries urbanize and populations increase, there is a higher need for convenient products and efficient processes. For instance, a flexible plastic pouch packaging helps consumers save space, time, and reduce waste, as opposed to rigid packaging of any form.

Processed fruits and vegetables, as well as baby food, are expected to outperform other segments of flexible food packaging. With the adoption of sustainable alternatives in flexible packaging, food packaging companies are likely to increase their use of flexible packaging. Sustainable packaging allows for a longer shelf-life, better aesthetic appeal, and higher consumer demand.

How crucial is innovation in the flexible packaging market?

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, the flexible packaging market is constantly innovating. Developing efficient and cost-effective sustainable alternatives is crucial to the growth of the market. Additionally, plastic pouches are the most prominent segment in flexible packaging due to their high flexibility, ease-of-use, and light weight. Recently, there have been various innovations in plastic pouches. Tear notches, spouts, and resealable closures are the characteristics developed and modified the most.

Advances in manufacturing technology to lower production costs and increase the speed of production lines are essential for the growth of this market. Without innovation, growth in flexible packaging will stagnate. Constant innovation helps companies improve operations, understand market trends and challenges, and, most importantly, increase customer satisfaction.

How has a high demand for convenience changed the flexible packaging market?

As convenience becomes a necessity, consumers are searching for the most efficient alternatives to shopping from small grocery stores. Recently, supermarkets have become the preferred mode of shopping for consumers in the United States, due to the availability of multiple products in one area. Companies produce and deliver large inventory to supermarkets across the country, and this translates into a need for a high volume of flexible packaging.

Further, eCommerce has become a crucial focus for almost every industry due to the high level of convenience it provides. The food industry is one such industry, and flexible packaging allows for low-cost manufacturing, accessible transportation, and longer shelf-life. The growth of supermarket shopping and eCommerce has led to an increased need for flexible packaging across industries.

Gain further in-depth and exclusive market insights by speaking to our industry experts.

Market Trends Analysis in the Flexible Packaging Market

These trends have transformed the flexible packaging industry over recent years. As technology, consumer preferences, and sustainable packaging continue to change, so do the trends that influence the market. Market trends analysis allows flexible packaging companies to forecast, identify, and understand the current and upcoming trends in the market to grow efficiently. Understanding market trends will enable companies to strategize and produce according to current or forecasted demand, minimize customer attrition, and stay a step ahead of competitors.

Infiniti’s market trends analysis has helped prominent flexible packaging market players exceed their revenue goals, sign deals with top players, and innovate effective alternatives. As the flexible packaging market continues to grow, staying ahead of the curve is becoming a necessity. Market trends analysis enables customers to stay ahead of the curve, their competitors, and consumers’ changing preferences.

To understand market trends analysis solutions, and the upcoming trends of the flexible packaging industry, request more information.

Meat Packaging Industry + Market Segmentation

The Journey Ahead for the Meat Packaging Industry

The meat packaging industry is crucial, convenient, and complex. It comprises of various sectors and sub-sectors, due to the multiple kinds of meat that are packaged and transported every day. Industry experts have forecasted steady growth for the meat packaging industry over the next five years. They have also highlighted the key market drivers and key challenges of the industry.

As developing countries grow, urbanization increases manifold, and this leads to an increase in demand. Consumers prefer hygienically procured and conveniently placed products. This allows for customers to save time and energy, even if it is at a higher cost. This is one of the crucial market drivers of growth in the meat packaging industry.

However, as demand for convenience increases, so does the demand for environmentally responsible and strictly regulated products. Consumers are more aware of the environmental impact of every industry and prefer sustainable packaging. They are also highly aware of the health effects of various products and are extremely particular about their consumption patterns. This is currently the most significant challenge faced by meat packaging industry players.

This challenge requires companies to implement strategic and tailored marketing approaches efficiently. Some of the top meat packaging industry players leverage target market segmentation solutions to develop a marketing approach that understands, and targets customers’ needs and preferences. This strategy allows for a higher return on investment and reduced losses on marketing. Additionally, brand identity is crucial to consumers today, and targeted marketing enables companies to control and improve their brand identity.

Infiniti’s experts have identified the key market drivers and key market challenges of the meat packaging industry in this article. Additionally, they have further explained the importance and benefits of target market segmentation analysis.

The meat packaging industry is forecasted to grow in the coming years. To identify and conquer every opportunity in this growing market, request a free proposal.

Market Drivers of the Meat Packaging Industry

Various factors influence the growth of an industry. The three factors listed below have been and continue to be key market drivers for the meat packaging industry. Infiniti’s experts have identified these factors as contributing to an increase in demand and improved operational efficiency.


As developing countries continue to proliferate, urbanization increases. This leads to a rise in demand, due to lack of access to fresh meat, and the need for convenience. Cities develop continually, and consumers focus on convenience and health. The meat packaging industry allows busy consumers to gain access to meat at a convenient time and location.

The Need for Packaging of Meat

Fresh meat must be stored and transported in controlled and regulated environments. Packaging of meat allows for creating a constant protective environment for the necessities. Fresh meat packaging helps by controlling the level of oxygen within the packaging, while also keeping the meat hygienic, protected, and conveniently available to all consumers.

Efficient Storing and Transportation

With innovation and development in technology, storage and transport have become easier and more readily available. The need for controlled environments has been met by improvements in cold storage and increasing shelf life. Additionally, there are various efficient and suitable transportation options for companies and consumers to rely on in the meat packaging industry.

To gain more in-depth insights into these key market drivers and their impact on the meat packaging industry, request more information.

Challenges of the Meat Packaging Market

The meat packaging industry has experienced growing demand and is forecasted to continue growing over the next five years. However, certain major challenges have surfaced in this industry and serve as barriers to growth. Infiniti’s experts have identified the following barriers, and have further discussed the most effective solution to recovering growth efficiently in the meat packaging industry:


The environmental crisis and negative impacts of plastic have changed the way consumers and companies interact with packaging. As sustainable options continue to develop through innovation with a crucial social cause. While sustainable packaging options are readily available, the scale of change required is challenging. Having to make equipment, operational, and personnel changes to adapt causes a variety of issues for meat packaging industry players. This continues to act as an obstacle to the growth of the meat packaging market.

Health and Hygiene Regulations 

As consumers become more aware and conscious about health, meat packaging market players face a changing market. Consumers are more particular about policies, licenses, health, and hygiene evaluations, as well as the quality of the product. Hygiene and health requirements have become more stringent recently, negatively impacting the meat packaging industry. However, consumers are a more challenging prospect as they are directly affected by quality, and they are well-informed. These changes in consumer behavior and regulations have led to an increased need for efficient and tailored marketing.


With increased consumer awareness, changing health regulations, and the need for sustainable manufacturing make flawless execution difficult. While these changes are favorable for the industry and consumers from a long-term perspective, they pose various operational barriers for companies. Sustainability packaging requires deep-rooted and high investment change. Additionally, changing health and hygiene regulations require more stringency and efficiency within the companies. This increases the need for efficient operations, higher investment in training, and proficient machinery in the meat packaging industry.

Why Market Segmentation Matters

As customers become more aware and social causes influence buying behavior, the meat packaging industry must market their offerings efficiently. Social and health-related causes, and environmentalism, cause a series of challenges when it comes to marketing. However, target market segmentation enables companies to gain an understanding of consumers’ needs and preferences. This helps companies create tailored marketing approaches.

By segmenting customers according to various factors such as needs, preferences, value for the brand, companies can identify their most profitable segments. It also enables companies to tailor their marketing according to the preferences of each customer group and reduces costs substantially. Companies leverage market segmentation to efficiently strategize and implement tailored marketing, improve brand recognition, and boost customer loyalty. Additionally, other crucial market intelligence solutions can help companies overcome other challenges while identifying opportunities in a growing market.

To further understand what market segmentation analysis can achieve for meat packaging companies, speak to our industry experts.

A Leading Packaging Company Enhanced Their Sales Rate by 18% by Leveraging Infiniti’s Competitive Intelligence Solution

Competitive Intelligence Solution for a Packaging Company

The global packaging industry is poised to experience positive growth over the coming years due to the increasing demand for packaging in food, healthcare, and other sectors. However, the rising demand for packaging has increased competition in the market. As a result, packaging companies will need to quickly adapt to market innovations and packaging industry trends to gain a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace. Also, continuously analyzing competitors’ strategies and approaches are becoming imperative for packaging companies to make changes in their business plans. This is where companies realize the importance of leveraging competitive intelligence solution.

With over 15 years of expertise in offering competitive intelligence solution, Infiniti Research has helped various global giants to evaluate the competitive landscape in the market and make well-informed business decisions. Request a FREE proposal to know how our competitive intelligence solution can help your business.

Business Challenge

The client is a packaging company based out of Germany. The company supplies packaging materials to consumer packaged companies, healthcare companies, and food manufacturers. With the entry of new players in the market, the client was facing challenges in competing with them, in terms of price, capabilities, and sales approaches. Also, the client’s inability to competitively price their products impacted their sales rate and profit margins. The client, therefore, approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitive intelligence solution.

By leveraging Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the packaging company wanted to:

Identify competitors’ sales and marketing approaches – As the client was losing ground to their competitors, they wanted to identify the sales and marketing approaches employed with their competitors. By doing so, they wanted to make changes in their marketing and promotion approaches to drive sales and enhance the customer experience.

Understand competitors’ pricing strategy – As pricing played a major role in customers’ purchasing decisions, the client wanted to analyze the prices for similar products in the market and price their products competitively.

Identify performance gaps – By leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in offering competitive intelligence solution, the client wanted to identify their weaknesses compared to top packaging companies in Germany. Also, they wanted to innovate their product offerings to meet market demand.

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Solutions Offered

To help the client tackle the industry challenges, the experts at Infiniti Research followed a three-phased approach. The engagement involved identifying the top packaging companies in Germany, analyzing the client’s key competitors’ customer base and their requirements, evaluating the pricing strategies adopted by the key competitors, and analyzing the marketing and sales approaches followed by the key market players in the packaging industry.

The insights obtained from Infiniti’s competitive intelligence engagement helped the client to understand the strategies and approaches employed by their key competitors. Infiniti’s competitive intelligence engagement further helped the client to identify the packaging industry trends and also understand how their competitors adapted with the latest trends and innovations in the market.

Furthermore, Infiniti’s competitive intelligence engagement helped the client to identify the pricing strategies employed by the major players in the market. This helped them to make constant changes in their pricing plans to attract new customers. Also, the client was able to understand the marketing and sales approaches undertaken by their competitors. This subsequently helped them to create targeted marketing and sales campaigns. Moreover, with Infiniti’s competitive intelligence engagement, the client was able to understand their strengths and weaknesses compared with their major competitors.

In the course of one year, the company was able to boost sales through up-selling and cross-selling. Furthermore, with Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the company was able to enhance their sales rate by 18%.

Benefits of Competitive Intelligence Solution for Packaging Companies

Benefits of Competitive Intelligence Solution for Packaging Companies

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competitor analysis

Transforming Production Processes and Increasing Market Share by 37% for a Food Packaging Company – Infiniti’s Latest Competitor Analysis Engagement

Competitor Analysis for Food Packaging Company

With technological progression and market advancements, the food packaging industry continues to evolve. Moreover, the trends in packaging such as the introduction of sustainable packaging practices, convenient on-the-go packaging, clean labels, and healthy choices have gradually increased the number of new entrants into the European food packaging market. This has made it vital for existing players in the European food packaging market to keep track of their competitors’ plan and actions and refine their existing business models to achieve maximum profitability. Therefore, companies are partnering with firms like Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitor analysis solution.

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Business Challenge

The client is a food packaging company based out of Europe. The entry of new players drastically increased the competition in the European food packaging market. The client, therefore, was facing difficulties in competing with other major players, in terms of cost, quality, and capabilities in providing innovative packaging offerings for customers. Moreover, they were losing customers and market share to their competitors due to their inability to competitively price their products. This compelled them to reduce the price for their products, which subsequently resulted in a loss in profit margin by 7%.

Therefore, they approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering competitor analysis solution. By leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to explore ways to stay competitive in the market by distinguishing market disruptions, analyzing competitors, and developing strategic business plans.

By leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client also wanted to tackle several other market challenges:

  • With the increasing demand for environmental-friendly packaging materials in Europe, the client was facing difficulties in adapting to the evolving market demands. With this, they were losing market share to their competitors who had already adopted environmental-friendly packaging strategies. Therefore, with Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to analyze their competitors’ offerings in direct comparison to theirs and focus on enhancing their business processes.
  • The client noted that their competitors have already leveraged automation solutions in their business operations. With Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, the client wanted to identify the technologies leveraged by their competitors. By doing so, they also wanted to adapt to the evolving technologies to maximize uptime and enhance their operations.
  • The client’s unstructured approach to marketing and sales resulted in huge capital losses for the company. By closely analyzing the strategies adopted by their competitors, the client wanted to refine their existing marketing models and devise marketing campaigns that drive maximum sales.
  • The client’s key competitors were offering discounts and other introductory offers to customers. With this, the client was compelled to reduce prices for their packaging materials. Therefore, by leveraging Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution, they wanted to analyze the pricing strategies followed by their competitors and competitively price their products.

Our tailored and intelligent solutions empower our clients to make an informed business decision and maximize profitability. CONTACT US to learn more about our services their benefits for your business.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

Our experts followed a detailed four-phased competitor analysis approach to help the client tackle the industry challenges. The initial phase of the competitor analysis engagement involved identifying businesses offering similar products and services in the European packaging industry. The next phase of our competitor analysis engagement focused on identifying the client’s key competitors’ customer base. In the third phase of the competitor analysis engagement, the experts focused on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the client in comparison to their competitors. The last phase of our competitor analysis engagement involved conducting a competitive benchmarking analysis, competitor mapping, and also identifying the marketing approaches employed by the client’s competitors.

The insights obtained from Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution helped the client to gain detailed insights about their end-customers, current market position, and their key competitors. Understanding the needs and demand of their target customers helped the client to innovate their product offerings according to their customers’ requirements. By gaining detailed insights into their competitors’ key strategies and marketing approaches, the client was able to devise well-informed business plans to tailor their product offerings. Also, the experts at Infiniti Research recommended the client to apply automation solutions in their production process. This helped the client to enhance their production efficiency and better manage workflow.

Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution also helped the client to understand their competitors’ pricing strategies and make constant changes in their pricing plans. With Infiniti’s competitor analysis solutuon, the client was also able to balance quality and growth. Furthermore, Infiniti’s competitor analysis solution helped the packaging company to better allocate resources and enhance their market share by 37% within the course of one year.

CS info

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Importance of Competitor Analysis for Packaging Industry

cs info 1

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Our competitor analysis solution helped a banking company assess key competitors and devise an efficient strategy to establish themselves in the European market. Want to know the approaches underteken by the experts at Infiniti Research to help the client? Read the complete success story below.

Competitor Analysis for a Leading Banking Sector Client Helps Assess Key Competitors and Devise an Effective Strategy to Establish Themselves in the European Market

Customer satisfaction analysis

Packaging Company Improves Customer Retention with Infiniti’s Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Analysis for a Packaging Company

Packaging directly influences purchasing intent and customer satisfaction. A recent study shows that customers are 20% more likely to purchase and use products if they are happy with the packaging. This is pressurizing companies in the packaging industry to innovate packaging by focusing on not only on the appearance, but also their functionality and safety. Moreover, as packaging is key to brand image, product trials, and repeat purchases, companies in the packaging industry are also forced to constantly measure customer satisfaction and make changes in their processes to enhance brand loyalty and customer retention. This is where companies realize the importance of leveraging customer satisfaction analysis.

Are you interested to know how satisfied your customers are with your products or services? Our customer satisfaction analysis can help. Request a FREE brochure to learn more about our services and other benefits of leveraging customer satisfaction analysis.

Business Challenge

The client is a global player in the packaging industry based out of Ireland. The company supplies packaging products to pharma, healthcare, and food industry. The client noted a dip in their sales rate due to their inability to adapt to rapid market changes. Also, lack of market access and advanced technology were making it more difficult for the company to satisfy their customers’ needs and requirements. The packaging company also started losing customers to their competitors.

The client, therefore, approached Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering customer satisfaction analysis solution. With Infiniti’s customer satisfaction analysis solutions, they wanted to assess the changes in their customers’ behaviour and understand their needs to devise value maximization strategies to enhance the customer experience.

By leveraging Infiniti’s customer satisfaction analysis, the client also wanted to:

  • Understand the reasons behind customer churn and identify the market requirements
  • Identify competitors’ unique strategies that drive customer satisfaction
  • Identify the needs and requirements of customers regarding packaging
  • Understand the satisfaction rate of customers regarding various packaging materials
  • Understand the common characteristics of customers to target their unique needs
  • Understand customers’ perspective and build capabilities to gain a leading edge compared to their competitors

Solutions Offered

To help the client gain detailed insights into their customers’ requirements and measure customer satisfaction level, the experts at Infiniti Research conducted a customer satisfaction analysis. The factors such as customers’ needs, buying patterns, and reasons for customer churn were analyzed. Also, the experts analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors to build value maximization strategies to enhance market share.

Infiniti’s customer satisfaction analysis helped the client to improve their products according to customers’ requirements. The customer satisfaction analysis further helped the client to realize the increasing demand for sustainable packaging. This helped the client to focus more on sustainable packaging materials to drive sales. Also, the client was able to differentiate their product offerings according to customers’ needs and demands. This increased customer retention and gradually resulted in higher outcome for the company. With Infiniti’s customer satisfaction solution, the client was also able to enhance customer lifetime value. Moreover, customers’ suggestion for product improvement enabled great improvements in sales for the company.

Request a FREE proposal to know how our customer satisfaction analysis can help you improve customer loyalty and identify best practices to reduce customer churn.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction Analysis for Packaging Company

BENEFITS OF LEVERAGING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ANALYSISWith rising customer expectations and demands, customer satisfaction analysis is becoming important for companies in the packaging industry to understand customers’ perspective of their products and services. Also, recent studies show that packaging directly influences customers’ buying behaviours and satisfaction levels. Therefore, it becomes imperative for packaging companies to leverage customer satisfaction analysis to understand customer’s evolving needs and adapt to today’s competitive marketplace.

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market intelligence

Building a Consumer Segmentation Strategy for a Leading Food Packaging Solutions Provider

Major challenges for food packaging companies revolve around the four factors - sustainability, durability, aesthetics, and cost. Click To Tweet

The food packaging industry is witnessing major technological advancements that are compelling leading food packaging companies and market researchers to focus on developing innovative packaging solutions. Also, the role of food packaging design in marketing and consumer appeal is growing considerably due which food packaging companies are focusing on addressing the concerns of consumer groups by implementing advanced technologies and intelligent solutions.

However, the future of the food packaging sector is quite secure owing to the development of smart packaging solutions that possess the capability to monitor and detect food spoilage. The challenges in ensuring food safety through excellence in food packaging design are many, but it is essential to address them systematically by devising an effective consumer segmentation strategy to drive growth strategically.

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The Business Challenge

  • The Client: A leading food packaging company

One of the leading food packaging companies in the US wanted to devise an effective consumer segmentation strategy to identify different focus groups. To develop a precise consumer segmentation strategy the client approached Infiniti Research to develop an effective consumer segmentation strategy. The client was looking at leveraging our expertise in consumer segmentation to analyze the consumer base and gain a clear understanding of their specific needs and requirements.

Consumer Segmentation Strategy Benefits

The food packaging industry is growing at a rapid pace, making it necessary for food packaging companies to adopt appropriate strategies to thrive in a complicated market. No matter which market you operate in, every customer needs to be treated as an individual owing to their specific needs and preferences. This is where ‘Consumer Segmentation’ comes into play. It’s nearly-impossible for food packaging companies to cater to consumer needs on an individual level. But, with the right consumer segmentation strategy, they come pretty close to achieving this objective.

However, for modern food packaging companies, devising a consumer segmentation strategy is no more a suggestion – it’s a necessity. It is essential to segment their consumer base into identifiable subgroups and develop precise marketing strategies for each focus group to drive growth. Our ‘consumer segmentation strategy’ solutions empower food packaging companies to focus on catering to the needs of their specific consumer segments.

Summary of Our Consumer Segmentation Strategy Engagement

Consumer segmentation

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Client’s Journey

The consumer segmentation experts at Infiniti Research customized a comprehensive research method, which delivered valuable insights on consumer groups, market requirements, and target market segments. With the aid of our consumer segmentation strategy, the food packaging company was able to analyze customer data to uncover meaningful insights and gain a better understanding of consumer segments.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

As with anything else, every consumer segmentation strategy has it own distinct pro and cons. However, the overarching goal of devising such a strategy remains the same i.e., identifying and connecting with the potential consumer base. The solution offered by our consumer segmentation experts helped the food packaging company to devise an effective consumer segmentation strategy to drive growth in each segment. By truly segmenting the potential consumer base, the client further gained a better understanding of their customers at an individual level and was able to expand its reach by targeting each consumer base individually.

The FutureGet More Info

The complicated food packaging landscape poses several challenges for food packaging companies who are looking to establish themselves to drive business growth. However, the ultimate goal of devising a customer segmentation strategy is to understand consumer needs and offer services that make them engage with your brand on a regular basis. The trick here is to make your end-users realize the importance of your services and when they do its quite certain that they’ll continue to rely on your services indefinitely. Moreover, it’s notable that customer surveys play a major role in uncovering the key attributes that can be used to segment the consumers effectively.

A must-read case study for food packaging companies looking to develop an understanding of the importance of consumer segmentation strategy.

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Market Research on the Secondary Packaging Market

The challenges in the packaging industry usually revolve around – durability, sustainability, cost, and design.

The packaging industry is one of the most rapidly evolving industries. This is mainly because it is increasingly being fueled by the relentless growth of the global population. Also, over the years, the functions of packaging have evolved considerably beyond just containing and protecting the product. As a result, players in the packaging industry are bombarded with challenges pertaining to their ability to maintain the aesthetics of the package, comply with industry standards, and ability to minimize carbon footprint.

The Business Challenge

  • The Client: A secondary packaging company

To validate the opportunity for bringing a series of new proposals to the secondary packaging market, the client – a secondary packaging company – approached Infiniti to help them conduct a detailed market research.

The client wanted to gain comprehensive insights into the market landscape to streamline their suite of brands, most of which were atrophied and no longer in use. Also, with the help of the market research, the secondary packaging client wanted to gauge various factors affecting market growth.

How Can Market Research Help Players in the Packaging Industry?

“Market research deals with the objective collection and analyzation of industry-specific data in order to offer detailed insights into the market opportunities, competition, and other similar factors which help companies to better understand the market landscape.”

In today’s competitive business scenario, players in the packaging industry need to improvise their strategies and business plans to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Infiniti’s market research solutions help packaging firms gain a detailed understanding of the industry barriers, challenges, and opportunities to devise precise business plans.

Summary of Our Market Research Engagement

Secondary Packaging

Ask An Analyst

Client’s Journey

With the help of Infiniti’s market research solutions, the secondary packaging client was able to precisely gauge the various factors affecting their brands’ perception. The solutions offered also helped the client to ensure that their brand offers a 360-degree appeal.

Furthermore, to help the client augment brand visibility and gauge factors affecting the brand perception, the market research experts at Infiniti conducted a detailed market study to help them gain a better understanding of the packaging industry trends. The approach included primary and secondary research methodologies coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures. The experts also reached out to various stakeholders in the secondary packaging market.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

Infiniti’s market research experts offered detailed market insights that helped the secondary packaging client to streamline their business processes and identify the factors hindering growth. The market research solutions also enabled them to introduce a breakthrough innovation in the manufacturing processes employed in the secondary packaging segment. This, in turn, augmented their brand value by improving profit margins.

The Future

The packaging industry has witnessed many challenges and transformations, and packaging can no longer be regarded as a discrete function. Therefore, the impact of packaging decisions on the entire value chain needs to be addressed. This is compelling players in the secondary packaging space to explore synergistic options in the market to enhance market value and brand image.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the packaging industry.

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Indubitable Advantage of Customer Surveys for a Returnable Packaging Company: Understanding the Drivers Behind Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

The existing economic uncertainties in emerging countries and greater upfront costs are considered to be the major challenges hampering the growth of the global returnable packaging industry.

Over the years, returnable packaging has proven to be the ideal packaging material for shipping. Returnable packages are now available in different forms to suit the needs of the end-use sector – hand-held containers, reusable pallets, bulk containers, and racks. They are preferred for their distinctive features such as appealing aesthetics, ease of use, and strength when compared to disposable packages.

Though returnable packing is considered to be the best solution for many applications, there are several concerns that hamper their widespread adoption across the global supply chains. Some of the major challenges include – high capital costs of ownership, inherent nature of the returnable packaging components, and other challenges cropping up due to improper management.

The Business Challenge

  • The client: A returnable packaging company

With an intention to determine customer satisfaction, the packaging industry client – specializing in returnable packaging materials – approached Infiniti to engage in a consumer survey-based assessment that would help them gain valuable feedback on issues that are considered important to customers.

The consumer survey was focused on brand trends and their impact on packaging demand, shifts within the packaging industry, and the different perspective of packaging demand. The primary objective of this consumer survey assessment was to gather targeted information that would help them uncover notable shifts in the packaging industry and drivers of customer loyalty.

How Can Consumer Survey Help Returnable Packaging Manufacturers?

Consumer surveys play an essential role in running a successful business irrespective of the industry in which you operate, or the product/service being offered. Consumer survey is an important part of market assessment and can help you measure customer satisfaction levels while offering the opportunity to effectively communicate with end-users; thereby, building true personal relationships.

Summary of our consumer survey engagement

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Client Journey

The changing market landscape with aggressive competitors posed several challenges for the returnable packaging manufacturer. To help the client understand how their customers perceive their brand, the market assessment experts at Infiniti conducted a consumer survey that was aimed at identifying market trends and customer expectations.

The approach included primary and secondary research methodology coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures. The experts also reached out to various stakeholders in the packaging industry.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

By conducting a consumer survey, Infiniti’s market experts helped the returnable packaging manufacturer to assess their service levels and identify the factors driving customer loyalty. The client also gained insights on market trends that helped them make necessary adjustments in their product development approach and marketing strategies.

The Future

Returnable packaging is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for industrial segments that deal with an extensive flow of goods. Leading players in the returnable packing sector have collaborated with tech companies to develop solutions that would help them track the packages and minimize loses. However, recent advancements in the use of sensor-based technologies are expected to revolutionize the process of tracking returnable packages.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the packaging industry.

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