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Packaging not only influences the purchasing decisions of customers but also plays a key role in branding and product differentiation. Rapid changes in technology, rising cost of raw materials, e-commerce, and environmental impact are a few of the numerous challenges faced by leading players in the packaging industry. Current market and competitive dynamics require manufacturers to keep abreast with market trends and inventions to stay ahead of the competition.

How We Help Clients

Our Core Competencies

At Infiniti, our experts look through customers’ eyes while delivering tailored market intelligence insights for the packaging sector. Our data shed light on the dynamic buying habits of consumers and the advent of cost-effective packaging solutions to assess the packaging preferences of businesses. With our help, clients can effectively position their products and keep pace with the latest trends in packaging.

We also help clients offer better solutions, optimize productivity, and improve the efficiency of the overall production process.

Sectors we cover

Healthcare and Medical Packaging

  • Medical device packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Neutraceuticals and biologics packaging
  • Vaccines and ampoules packaging

Food and Beverage Packaging

  • Dairy products packaging
  • Food service packaging
  • Confectionery packaging
  • Wine/beer/spirits packaging
  • Beverage packaging
  • Meat/seafood packaging
  • Pet food packaging
  • Baby food packaging

General Goods Packaging

  • Beauty and personal care packaging
  • Home care packaging
  • Green packaging

Why Infiniti?

Positioned at the forefront of market intelligence and customized market research solutions, Infiniti Research is the strategic global research partner for leading players across industries. Our expertise in the field of market research enables us to leverage proven methodologies and offer tailored solutions to support clients with succinct answers for business decisions in areas including Market Opportunity Assessment, Emerging Market Planning, Benchmarking, Value-Channel Analysis, and Customer Segmentation.

With a team of 500 researchers spread across four continents, we can understand diversity in local behavior and business environment, overcome language complexities, proactively identify complex multi-level regulatory issues, and obtain high-quality information on private companies.

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