Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Assists a Renowned Investment Banking Service Provider Increase their Market Presence

March 16, 2018

Over the last couple of years, the global banking industry is driven by a weak global economy, digitization, and stringent regulations. Investment banks at large play a pivotal role in assisting companies, government, and other market participants to raise capital. With the recent regulatory concern, prominent investment banks are planning to shift from traditional underwriting businesses to mergers and acquisition advisory to reduce the capital investments. In addition, the recent recovery from the financial crisis is also compelling banks to redefine their business models to reduce operational costs and manage potential risks.

Several factors that may curtail the growth of the investment banking space include:

  • Block-chain technology: Despite robust advancements, leading investment banks are facing the need to streamline their front-office functions to improve their efficiency and leverage new business opportunities. With the introduction of the blockchain technology, prominent banks in the financial sector are necessitating the need for these technologies to minimize counterparty risks and increase transparency into the process.
  • Cybersecurity: In the recent years, cybersecurity becomes a major concern for the businesses in the investment banking space, where it becomes essential for the business to safeguard customer and transaction data. The current environment has witnessed a relentless growth in the cyber threats with criminals hacking operations and stealing information about institutional vulnerabilities. So, to keep pace with the rising threats, investment banking businesses should maintain and allocate their internal resources to actively curtail the vulnerabilities.

To address such challenges and gain relative insights into the market landscape, organizations are augmenting the need for a market intelligence solution.

A market intelligence solution provides a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape, the direct and the indirect competitors, and the financial factors in the market. IR_RFPA market intelligence solution also helps businesses in the investment banking space gather information on various data sets to improve the business models and projections.

The Business Challenge

  • The client: A renowned investment banking service provider

The client, a renowned investment banking company, wanted to gain relevant insights into the existing company’s market, customers, problems, and competition and the growth potential for new products and services. With the help of a market intelligence solution, the investment banking client needed to analyze the market opportunity to drive better decision making. The primary concern of the investment banking company was to increase the presence of the brand in the market and minimize the risk of investment decisions made wrong.

IR- investment banking

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Our Journey

To gather intelligence specifically to customer satisfaction, Infiniti’s market intelligence experts carried out extensive research comprising interviews and discussions with prominent stakeholders in the investment banking space. To fine-tune their resources, the experts also compiled information across a wide array of reliable sources such as trade shows, paid industry databases, and company presentations in the banking industry.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

The market intelligence solution offered by Infiniti helped the investment banking client better understand the market, competition, and the landscape surrounding the target audience. The solution offered insightful ways for the investment banking company to reach out to the target audience, with the right channel, and at the right time. Infiniti’s market intelligence solution also focused on potential ways to analyze the competition and devote more resources to meet the business requirements specifically. In addition, the investment banking client was further able to deliver more personalized offerings to generate better returns on the investment.

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