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Customer Intelligence Services

Engage customers with confidence & gain unprecedented clarity on creating individualized experiences in real-time.


Customer Segmentation & Need Analysis

Combining the best data gathering approaches, we help clients to identify the most profitable customer segments, measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, assess changes in customer expectations, and also devise value maximization strategies to enhance their shares.

Account Intelligence & Win-Loss Assessment

With a flexible approach employing several techniques, we help clients identify target customers, realize factors that drive customers to competitors, gain a clear understanding of budgets and timelines, compare product or service pricing, and also understand customers’ decision-making process.

Brand Health Assessment

By identifying key performance indicators, our industry-leading services help clients in enhancing their brand’s awareness by understanding the factors that influence brand loyalty, assessing their brand’s awareness and viability, and evaluating the brand’s image and association.

Introduction to our case studies

Consumer Study for Instant Thickeners

Business Challenge

A global ingredient solutions provider wanted to conduct an early consumer testing and acceptance study for its new instant thickener that focused on the older population (above 70 years) and patients with dysphagia, in Spain.


The client had developed a prototype of an instant thickener and wanted to compare it with commercially available products in the market. It also wanted to determine patient preferences among the product choices and obtain insights on the same from the older population.


With the help of a customer intelligence solution, the client gained an understanding of details such as reasons for preference/non-preference of one solution over another, insights on preferences for texture, taste, consistency, and solubility.

Customer Intelligence Study on Powder Coating Market in Asia

Business Challenge

A leading powder coating manufacturer wanted to obtain insights on primary customer needs and understand ways to support customer acquisition.


The client was looking for advisory on strategies for targeting new customers and critical factors for retaining customers through in-depth analysis of purchase criteria adopted by the key customers, and suggestions on customer acquisition strategies.


With the help of a customer intelligence solution, the client was able to improve its customer retention and acquisition strategies by understanding key factors considered in the selection of the brand, primary reasons for switching to a competitive brand and current satisfaction levels.

Agent Satisfaction Survey in Europe

Business Challenge

A leading player in the money transfer market, wanted to conduct a global agent satisfaction survey in a set of European Countries.


The client was facing issues with satisfaction levels of agents as the performance of agents would directly impact on the level of business. They wanted to understand the reasons behind dipping satisfaction levels and take corrective measures.


With the help of a customer intelligence solution, the client was able to improve its agent management program by gaining understanding on what the agents actually value. They were able to ensure a better satisfaction level and hence improve on sales and customer satisfaction.

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