Create a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy in 5 Easy Ways

July 18, 2018

Did you know that 79% of Americans using the internet are active on social media? This clearly goes out to prove that social media is now “THE PLACE TO BE” for brands aiming to reach out to a larger target audience. Most marketers are investing ample time and money into formulating the right social media marketing strategy to lure customers. But this task is often not as easy as it sounds. There is a large number of players in the marketplace fighting for the attention of the same group of customers.

So, to be visible in this chaos, it is imperative for companies to carefully build the right social media marketing strategy. Here are five simple techniques that companies can use to build a strong social media marketing strategy to suit their needs and use social media to its full potential in giving better sales leads:

Personalization is the key

There are so many ads on social media today that customers often tend to consider them as ‘spammy’ content. Personalization is a critical social media strategy that will help overcome this problem. Tailor-making the content of your ads to suit the needs of a particular customer will make them feel more connected to the brand. There is a higher chance of conversion and brand loyalty by personalizing the advertisements.

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Chatbots for communication

Most of us are familiar with chatbots as they are found in most of the popular websites today. Chatbots are a great tool that allows companies to cater to customers’ queries promptly without any human intervention. In addition, chatbots integrate with the platforms that consumers now feel most comfortable interacting through – social media. Hence, integrating chatbots is a great social media marketing strategy to convert potential customers into sales and also handle their queries quickly.

Brand advocates

Using brand advocates is a highly successful social media marketing strategy that many top companies swear by. Brand advocates are delighted customers of the brand, or in some cases, companies also rope in social media influencers for this task. Modern customers are more likely to believe what others say about your brand rather than what your brand claims about itself.

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Social media budget

Every marketing effort operates on a budget. This has to be taken into consideration while formulating the marketing strategy as well. Apart from allocating the right budget for social media endeavors, companies must ensure that the budget is leveraged with the right strategy. This will ensure that the marketing strategy of the company is cost-effective.

Cross-channel campaigns

A cross-channel campaign is a social media marketing strategy that will enable companies to engage with their customers on different social media platforms. But these campaigns are run by a good number of companies today. So, it is important to create a strategy that gives your brand an edge over others in the market. Adding a catchy or an emotional element to the content that the audience can relate to is a good way for companies to hook them to the brand.

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