Standing Apart from the Crowd with Product Research Services

January 14, 2021

In a continually growing and evolving world, novelty has become increasingly necessary. However, there is also increasing competition, market challenges, and the daunting task of developing unique products and services with growth. As industries expand and companies scale, many often struggle to evaluate the market, identify target markets, keep abreast of current offerings in their market, and develop robust strategies.

When it comes to product development, many businesses now find themselves leveraging product research to ensure they bring something new into the market and substantially differentiate their offerings. In every industry, studying the market, evaluating similar products, and assessing a new product’s market readiness is imperative. To help gain a comprehensive understanding of product research value across industries, Infiniti’s market research experts discuss what it is and the significant business benefits in this article.

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What is Product Research?

Product research is a service that helps companies understand their consumers’ needs, adapt their offerings according to consumer requirements, evaluate competitors’ offerings, and create unique offerings when developing a new product. When conducted, product research aims to answer three essential questions pertaining to the market’s readiness for this new product, the presence of similar products in the market, and identifying the first step toward developing the product.

Data-driven product development and research enable successful product launches, higher sales returns, improved revenues, satisfied customers, and differentiated offerings. Differentiating products can be challenging in a highly competitive market, and a minor change, alteration, or adaptation can propel the acceptance and preference rate of a product. Therefore, understanding the tangible benefits of product research is crucial for businesses across industries that aim to develop unique products and introduce new offerings into their market.

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Business Benefits of Product Research

Identifying and understanding product research benefits is imperative to the growth and development of unique, efficient, and successful new products. Product development and research can set businesses significantly apart from their competitors. To illustrate, Infiniti’s market research experts have detailed three significant benefits of product research:

Enables Data-Driven Product Development

Product research includes analyzing target markets, understand consumers’ preferences, and identifying direct competitors. With these insights, businesses and manufacturers can develop unique products that meet their target market’s needs and demands. Additionally, with the information acquired from assessing their consumers’ preferences, the product development and research team can ensure their product meets all consumer expectations and offers unique features or serves an unmet need.

It also helps companies identify similar products in the market, evaluate their features, and analyze the product’s demand and success. They can also determine the products’ shortcomings and weaknesses as per consumer feedback, develop a product that addresses all the unmet needs, consumer demands, and set a new product standard.

Allows Efficient Product Launch Strategies

A successful product launch can propel the growth of the business substantially. However, planning and executing a successful product launch strategy is extremely challenging and requires a highly data-driven approach. With the insights acquired from product research, companies can prepare for upcoming market demand, forecast potential revenue, and accommodate supply chain challenges, inventory management issues, and supply-demand mismatch.

Additionally, the data-driven product development process enables a successful product launch. The process also includes trials and receiving feedback regarding the product, which helps companies develop a tested and approved product, consequently making the product launch process less challenging. An efficient product launch strategy can provide companies with unparalleled success and help promote the product further.

Provides a Strategic Edge

The insights regarding competitors’ offerings, unmet consumer needs, and target market demands help businesses gain and maintain a strategic edge in every market. Analyzing competitors’ strategies and products helps companies develop a healthy, more comprehensive plan and products that address the gaps. With an in-depth understanding of their consumers’ needs, companies have a significant advantage over competitors. Direct insight into their target consumers’ needs and preferences and access to immediate end-user feedback can set their offerings apart.

With product research, studying the dynamics within target markets is crucial, providing businesses with relevant data. This cumulated data provides companies with novel recommendations and helps them develop novel offerings, maintain a loyal customer base, increase customer attraction and retention, and launch successful products.

Understanding ever-changing consumer demands and staying ahead of a rapidly evolving market is crucial to success when developing a new product. Speak with our industry experts, and learn how our product research services provide essential data and unparalleled support during the product development processes.

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