Stand Out from The Rest Using Inspiration from These Packaging Design Trends

October 26, 2017

When you first see a product on the retail store shelf, what ignites the curiosity in you to know more about that product? The answer to this could vary from person to person such as the colors, the design, the pictures on the product, etc. But all these answers attribute indirectly to one factor – the product packaging design. The packaging design of a product is a silent seller, it talks to the customer about the product, and tries to market itself to the potential customers. Therefore, it is extremely important to formulate innovative packaging ideas to differentiate oneself from the arsenal of products on the shelf and most importantly to grab the attention of customers. Here are a few tips that you can integrate into your product packaging design to grab more eyeballs and mint money (Thank us later!)

Simple Bold and Clear

Trends are mysterious things, sometimes it’s about inventing something new, and sometimes it’s all about going back to basics. As long as the packaging design can get the point across to the customer, minimal elements are the best decision for product packaging. However, sticking to essentials should mean that the customer gets enough knowledge from the product to make an informed decision.

packaging design simple

Custom Letters Create a Brand Identity

Do you come across fonts that you can associate with a brand? If the answer is yes, then you are a live example of custom letters on packaging creating a brand identity. Custom lettering, which is toned according to what your brand stands for is a path of direct entry into the customer’s minds.

custom lettering

Experiment with Colors

Though people may react differently to colors, the bottom line is that colors evoke the emotions of customers and greatly influence purchase decisions. While formulating packaging ideas, brands must keep in mind that the packaging design represents the product inside. This is especially useful in the cases of products with many flavors, where customers might not remember the name of the flavor but will remember the color of their favorite flavor.


Vintage is In

There is something about the vintage designs that resonates through time, it brings back fond memories of a different era, and attracts mainly millennials who are eager to have a taste of lifestyle in that period. Balance is the key to adapting vintage in packaging design; brands have to ensure a balance of evoking nostalgia through maintaining a sharp and modern look.


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