Latest Packaging Trends and Innovations in the Cosmetic Industry

October 30, 2017

The perception of beauty has evolved drastically over the years with the changing trends and fashion. Today, cosmetics are considered to be an important contributing factor for beauty, owing to which the cosmetics industry has witnessed exponential growth over the past few decades. With a large number of players in the cosmetics industry offering products of similar utility, what is the key factor that differentiates each of these products? The answer is product packaging! Cosmetics companies are rigorously employing innovative and attractive packaging strategies to satisfy the rapidly changing customer expectations.

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Innovations in the Cosmetics Industry

The players in the cosmetics industry are experimenting with different ideas to create a unique and attractive trend, from beauty tools such as makeup application sponges to personalization and customization in the products; the cosmetic industry is leaving no stone unturned to lure customers.

Smart Packaging is Grabbing Eyeballs

The cosmetic industry has identified that packaging is much more than just packaging design. Appropriate packaging also affects the functionality of a product. One of the breakthrough inventions in smart packaging is the aerosol package, which is a pack that contains, protects, and delivers a product and has the ability to easily modify product textures. Another example of a clever trend in cosmetic industry packaging is the airless system, which protects the product from any sort of contamination or damage caused due to oxidation and pollution from microbial allergens.

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Innovative Tools

The cosmetics industry not just concentrates on the final products but also on the tools associated with using these products. Over the last couple of years, there have been many breakthrough inventions in the tools that have been used for cosmetics industry applications. To start off, there was an evolution in the makeup brushes, which later transformed into the introduction of devices for specific utilities such as contour, camouflage, and sculpt. Sponges have become a new popular tool in the cosmetics industry. They have better functionality in terms of flawless coverage in makeup applications and the softness provides a cushioning effect on the face.

Inspiration from Other Industries

The cosmetics industry is looking at industries such as food and pharmaceuticals for inspiration in packaging. Some examples of packaging ideas derived from these cosmetics industries are pharmaceutical droppers, simple patches for nail and eye make-up, shampoos that look like a fruit juice pack, etc.

Budding Trends

Many new trends are emerging in the cosmetics industry, which can be exploited by the industry players to garner better popularity among the customers. One such trend in the cosmetics industry is that has been grabbing eyeballs is the nail polish segment, which is gaining attention not only in terms of the color used but also in terms of “nail art.”

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