All You Need to Know About Energy Storage: FAQs

December 19, 2017

How is energy storage helpful?

Energy storage is all about improving the way we generate, consume, and deliver energy. The utility of energy storage is more or less similar to saving money – they can prove helpful in meeting contingencies in the future. That is not all; storage systems ensure that they strike a balance between demand and supply, which helps to eliminate problems pertaining to shortages to a large extent. They also help in emergency situations like accidents, power outages, equipment failures, etc.

What are the uses of energy storage on a grid scale?

Energy storage systems are highly beneficial on a grid or an industrial scale. They help shift consumption into the future so that the existing generating capacity is used efficiently. Secondly, they ensure that while shifting from one power generation source to another, there is no break in service. Finally, they facilitate the control and management of voltage and frequency to ensure that the sensitive equipment is not damaged in case of fluctuations.

Can energy storage systems work with all fuel sources?

Energy storage systems are fuel neutral, i.e., whether electricity is generated from oil, gas, solar, nuclear, or geothermal, etc., storage systems ensure that the excess power from electricity is captured at a higher efficiency so that it can be utilized in the case of shortages or emergencies.

Why is it necessary?

Storage of energy is highly essential to overcome the following challenges and contingencies:

Overcoming power outages: Efficient storage systems ensure that power is readily available in the case of any unforeseen events in the future, especially due to power outages. It helps prevent hindrances in the smooth functioning of equipment.

Pocket-friendly for customers: Storage prevents providers from enforcing premium pricing during peak levels of demand. Storage helps avoid shortages, ensuring that customers are not charged unnecessarily.

Supports use of renewable sourcesStorage systems support the generation and storage of energy through renewable sources, which in turn regulates and reduces emissions. They also help to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels; thus, helping to take a step towards environmental protection.

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