The “Next Gen” Renewable Energy Innovations and their Pioneers

November 10, 2017

The importance of renewable energy has been skyrocketing among innovators and companies owing to the increasing focus on environmental protection and sustenance. Innovators from different parts of the world are leaving no stone unturned to find more ways of resorting to clean energy. Here is our pick of top innovations in renewable energy that are most likely to make it big in the future:

Jet Stream Power

A small-scale US/Indian company known as Skymill Energy is trying to harness the high-altitude jet-stream winds that blow at a speed of over 200mph at almost 30,000ft. Skillmill Energy is doing this by using a remote rotary-lift aerial vehicle such as a helicopter, which is attached to a generator on the ground to harness this renewable technology. This source of clean energy promises vast renewable energy, no pollution, easily available materials, and straightforward technology.

Desert Soils

Humus Analysis is a French company that makes compost from food waste products from the oil industry and also municipal wastes. This company is also looking at building soil that is fertile enough to support grass and edible crops in the long run. Their technology will prove to be a significant source of renewable energy in the long run and will help reduce water use and save energy significantly.

Solar Fridge                                       

Coldinnov is a small French company that specializes in developing PV-powered solar refrigerators. This technology is best suited for off-grid villages, remote bars wanting to make ice, or even in healthcare centers. Solar refrigerators use advanced insulation, eliminating the use of batteries or converters. They keep the temperature cool for more than 75 hours.

Desert Oases

The electronics giant Hitachi is developing new renewable energy technology with desalination plants that pump saline water with the help of PV electricity and then clean the water using reverse osmosis technology. This technology can be used to purify and use saline water, thus, helping in water conservation in the long run.

Micro Geothermal

In 2001, an Indian hydro-geologist named Ritesh Arya found groundwater at over 11,000ft in the Himalayas. He is backed by three Nordic research groups and also by the Norwegian oil giant Statoil. They are trying to discover new geothermal sources in places that weren’t thought of before. Geo-thermal energy created from these sources could be a great provider of renewable energy.

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