Cloud Computing – What’s in it for Me?

May 9, 2018

When the IT revolution kicked in, numerous businesses poured huge sums of money to acquire and build their IT infrastructure. Companies that invested heavily reaped benefits out of it by optimizing their operations in an exponential manner. Many years have passed since the IT revolution, and things are looking to change yet again. Now, companies no more need to devote financial power to the IT infrastructure. All of this is taken care of by cloud computing, a remote computer located far from users’ premises, which does all the processing tasks. This has allowed even the smallest players with weak finances to take advantage of the IT revolution. The cloud computing benefits are urging more and more players to choose cloud over on-premise computing, even the corporate giants. So why are so many businesses moving to the cloud and how can it help organizations better serve their customers and dramatically increase their profit margins.


Generally, switching over to something new sounds like an expensive affair. First of all, companies can skip the huge investment in IT infrastructure and start using the services. Even though there may be an upfront fee for using the services, it usually pays itself off and increases the ROI. People might worry that they may end up paying for features they may not use or want. However, most cloud computing services offer pay-as-you-go pricing, so companies won’t have to pay for services they don’t use. Additionally, many cloud computing services provide multi-level membership, which charges the user based on their level of usage.


When we talk about security in cloud computing, it has two sides like that of a coin. Organizations might be dubious when they are storing all their sensitive data and information in a remote location. Also, a question that arises here is – if cloud services provide remote access, wouldn’t cybercriminals be able to access the data? Well, organizations might well call themselves paranoid for overthinking, as the cloud host’s primary job is to carefully monitor security. In a traditional IT setup, someone can easily break into the premises or just copy all data and information subtly. Cloud services offer robust data encryption, which makes it almost impossible for hackers to have unauthorized access.


Computers are there to facilitate your everyday operations. However, when an organization starts to invest more time and energy just on IT solutions, then they might be diverting their attention from achieving their business goals. Getting an outsider to take care of all the IT solutions will free up more time for the management to handle the aspects of the business that directly impact outcomes. Cloud computing offers businesses flexibility in comparison to hosting on a local server.


Mobility is of the utmost importance for businesses that have global operations spread across the world. Cloud computing provides stakeholders access to corporate data via smartphones, desktops, and other devices. Such mobility ensures that no one is ever left out of the loop and the business continues even when employees are on-the-go. One of the most prominent benefits of could technology is that it provides staff who need to travel, freelance employees, and remote employees to have a better work-life balance.

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