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A Window of Opportunity to Win Customers in Central Europe’s Retail Sector

Retail sector

Central Europe’s retail sector: An overview

Central Europe is a highly value-oriented market where consumers strive to find new ways to stretch their budget without having to compromise on quality. Consumers in this market are constantly on the lookout for the best deals that both online and offline channels in the retail sector have to offer. In fact, in most Central European countries, promotions are becoming relatively commonplace. However, for companies in the region’s retail sector, winning consumers does not only mean merely offering mediocre-quality products at entry-level prices.

The most successful retail sector companies in Central Europe are those that are successful in finding ways to provide added value while keeping prices low. This can be achieved by improving product quality, offering a larger assortment, or providing a seamless and satisfying customer experience. Although the region is going through a phase of financial insecurity due to recent recession, this does not mean that only inexpensive products attract Central Europeans. As consumers in Central Europe are increasingly becoming omnichannel shoppers, they are educating themselves more on price and on product features. Companies in the CPG and retail sector must, therefore, ensure a consistent, value-oriented presence across channels establish a brand value for themselves in the future of retail in Central Europe. In addition, they must also act on some key priorities.

Consumers in Central Europe are in the search for the best value-for-money deals. Is your business prepared to meet the changing demands of consumers in this market? Request a free proposal to learn how our advanced market intelligence solutions can help your organization effectively tap market opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

retail sectorInvest in ‘value for money’ brands

CPG and retail sector companies are rapidly offering higher quality or even premium products at mainstream price points. Private labels have become one of the most popular retail industry trends with several retail sector companies launching premium quality private label products and heavily investing in their advertisements. Advertisements can be used as a source to communicate emotional cues to consumers in order to make private labels an everyday household name while promoting the idea of value for money.

Expanding assortments

Companies in Central Europe’s retail industry are providing broader assortments in products to appeal better to consumes. Grocers, for instance, are providing variants including vegetarian, organic, and vegan products. Following this trend will be especially useful for fresh food and prepared meals categories. Retail sector companies can also experiment with introducing newer store formats by expanding their offerings in fresh produce, ready-to-eat meals, and grab-and-go snacks.

Wonder how you can achieve consistency and successfully adopt a value-oriented approach to win over consumer trust and loyalty? Get in touch with our experts for more insights on how we help clients across the globe to effectively achieve their business goals.

Digital technology to enhance CX

Retail sector companies and CPG manufacturers alike are investing in technology to enhance their omnichannel presence. Hypermarkets are incorporating more digital technology into their stores to help shoppers explore broader online assortments. They can also incorporate the use of digital kiosk that suggests specific items, depending on the occasion, food pairings, or customer preferences. These efforts will drive customer loyalty and offer a superior customer experience.

Final thoughts

Consumers in Central Europe are a new breed of shopper. They remember the past, were affected by the recession and are quickly trying to embrace a technological revolution. Consumers in this market are characterized by their nature to seek value for money, are extremely demanding, and expect superior technology and customer experience while shopping. As Central European consumers now have much higher expectations of retail sector and CPG companies, both offline and online, companies in the region have little choice but to innovate constantly across channels. Several have risen to the challenge; the rest should act soon or risk losing out to agile competitors.

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benefits of market segmentation

Unearth New Opportunities and Drive Profits with Customer Segmentation Analysis

With the proliferating marketing platforms today, customer segmentation analysis has become a pre-requisite for businesses to boost sales, reduce attrition, and improve prospect and customer experience. Also, around 70% of CMOs agree that customer segmentation analysis is extremely valuable in providing a great customer experience.

By segmenting customers into various groups that share similar needs, organizations can devise personalized marketing strategies for each group differently and focus on all customer needs at any given time, making marketing and customer care more organized and targeted.

Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis solutions have helped several Fortune 500 companies devise customized approaches that satisfy the needs of different customer groups and drive customer loyalty and profitability.

Below, we have summarized some of Infiniti’s success stories that highlight how customer segmentation analysis has helped companies to gain a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

Elevating Sales by 17% for a German Retailer with Customer Segmentation Analysis

With a multitude of choices available for customers in the retail industry, developing a robust marketing strategy to target specific customer segments is becoming important in the retail industry. Don’t you agree? This success story is an excellent example of this. A retail company was finding it difficult to segregate the customers in terms of need-based and value-based segments in the German market. Also, they faced issues in managing attrition rate and acquiring new customers. They were looking for a market research firm to help them in segmenting customers based on their value for the brand.

Infiniti’s market intelligence experts helped the client to devise a sound commercialization strategy to effectively engage customers and enhance customer retention. Also, our retail customer segmentation analysis engagement helped the client to elevate sales rate by 17% within a year.

A Leading Fashion Brand Curtailed Losses and Increased Revenues by 20% with Customer Segmentation Analysis

Worldwide e-commerce growth is on the rise, and it has placed immense pressure on fashion retailers to differentiate themselves and provide superior shopping experiences in-store. However, to devise personalized marketing approaches, businesses require a thorough understanding of their customers and their needs. This is where the real benefit of leveraging customer segmentation analysis comes into play.

Customer segmentation analysis can help in dealing with such issues efficiently. This is clearly evident in this success story where the client, a fashion retailer, was facing similar predicaments. The company also encountered a substantial reduction in the number of frequent and repeat buyers.

Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis solutions helped them to develop a well-aligned business plan to deliver sustained growth and empowered them to break through the cluttered market space with a unique and convincing proposition. Moreover, they were able to improve their wallet share and increase their overall revenue by 20%.

Enhancing Customer Retention Rate by 20% with Customer Segmentation Analysis

In the increasingly fast-paced banking industry, companies need to constantly evaluate the market and expand their offerings. Also, there is immense pressure to improve profitability and customer experience while adapting to the disruption caused by rising FinTech companies.

Our client, a banking company based out of the United States was facing the same dilemma. As such, they were looking for a research firm that could do an independent analysis of potential investment opportunities and provide detailed insights into their customers. Additionally, they wanted to segregate their customers based on their geography, psychography, and behaviors into separate groups and devise customized marketing approaches to gain maximum traction.

Our experts adopted a comprehensive three-phased approach to help the client develop a new customer segmentation approach and predict the future value of customers for the brand. Also, Infiniti’s solution helped the client to analyze the key drivers of customer satisfaction and devise suitable strategies to counter the decline in sales. In addition, they were able to enhance customer retention rate by 20%.

Retaining the Most Lucrative Customer Segments with Customer Segmentation Analysis Approach

Identify and implementing appropriate customer segmentation strategy models to profile and retain valuable customers seems to be challenging for businesses. This is where a custom market research service provider like Infiniti Research can make your work easier, as it did for a transportation services provider. The company wanted to devise a value-based approach to define their best prospects in the market. Moreover, they wanted to profile and target lucrative customer segments and avoid bottlenecks pertaining to the delivery of products.

With Infiniti’s customer segmentation analysis solution, they were able to profile customers into various segments and tailor marketing efforts for them. Furthermore, our customer segmentation analysis approach helped the client to devise a value-based approach to retain the most profitable customers.

benefits of market segmentation

Infiniti’s Retail Customer Segmentation Strategy Elevates Sales by 17% for a German Retailer

Retail customer segmentation

Today, with a multitude of choices available for customers, personalization of shopping experience has become vital for retailers to increase sales and customer retention. Also, retail companies are under the pressure to efficiently segment their customers base and devise targeted marketing campaigns to attract lucrative customer groups. This is where companies realize the real power of leveraging retail customer segmentation analysis. Consequently, retail companies are partnering with firms like Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering retail customer segmentation analysis.

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Business Challenge

The client is a retail company based out of Germany. The client’s unstructured approach to product marketing turned out to be costly for the company. Also, the company started losing their valuable customers to their competitors. This impacted the company’s sales rate and subsequently affected the overall sales rate. The client, therefore, realized the need to improve personalization with advanced retail customer segmentation strategy. To do so, the client approached the experts at Infiniti Research.

Furthermore, by leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in offering retail customer segmentation analysis solution, the client also wanted to tackle challenges such as:

Segmenting based on touchpoint engagement

With Infiniti’s retail customer segmentation strategy, the client wanted to categorize customers based on how they interact with the business post-purchase. By doing so, they wanted to devise marketing campaigns based on their customers’ behaviors and demands.

Segmenting based on purchasing patterns

With Infiniti’s retail customer segmentation analysis, the client wanted to analyze their past sales data to identify most frequent customers, identify highest value customers, and understand their needs and demands. By doing so, they wanted to devise value maximization strategies to enhance their market share and customer retention.

Rising need for customization in marketing

Today, with customers having more choices than ever before, major retailers have already started segmenting customers based their shopping patterns and spending behavior. Therefore, by leveraging Infiniti’s retail customer segmentation analysis, the client wanted to efficiently segment their customers to customize offerings based on their needs and demands.

Reach out to our experts to learn more about how our retail customer segmentation strategy can help you efficiently segment your customer base and devise targeted marketing initiatives.

Solutions Offered

To help the client tackle the above-mentioned challenges, the experts at Infiniti Research conducted retail customer segmentation and need analysis. By combining the best data gathering approaches, our experts helped the client to segment their target customers into various groups based on factors such as shopping patterns, spending behavior, and their demands.

Also, as a part of the retail customer engagement, the experts conducted sales assessment for the past five years. The experts also analyzed the sales data of the client’s key competitors. The analysis of the past sales data helped the client to identify their frequent customers and also products with the highest demand.

Furthermore, by leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in offering customer satisfaction and loyalty assessment, our experts helped the client to understand the satisfaction level of customers. Also, by conducting trial marketing campaigns, the experts helped the client to identify the right channel to promote their product offerings.

Results Obtained

This helped the client to efficiently devise targeted marketing and promotional campaigns for specific segments. This subsequently helped the company to effectively engage customers and enhance customer retention. Also, the client was able to efficiently utilize their marketing budget and elevate sales by 17% within a year.

Retail customer segmentation

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