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Keeping up with the Latest Beverage Industry Trends and Market Updates

Consumers around the world are moving to a healthier lifestyle, making a great impact on the product offerings of the beverage industry around the world. Customers are switching gradually from caffeine-laden and sugary drinks to alternatives that are more healthy and also environmentally friendly. Companies that want to survive such beverage industry trends must start by filling the gaps in their offering to meet the changing consumer demands.

The article below involves a global beverage industry analysis highlighting some of the key beverage industry trends in its entirety to help companies in the sector understand and stay abreast of the latest news, innovations, and market developments.

Top beverage industry trends

beverage industry trendsHyper-personalization of functional beverages

Functional beverages is one of the newest beverage industry trends that offer several health benefits by packing superfood ingredients including turmeric, activated charcoal, matcha, and aloe-vera into the beverages. Functional beverages promote overall wellness goals of consumers. Some of the key benefits they claim to offer include weight loss, improved sleep, and better gut health. Such healthy grab-and-go options are notable beverage industry trends becoming popular across the globe.

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Increased use of automation

Businesses across industries are highly focused on lowering their costs and maximizing profits. Also, it is a known fact that the food and beverage industry is highly sensitive as even a minor drop in product quality will be easily noticed by consumers and this can greatly hamper the brand image. With automation, beverage companies are trying to eliminate the chances of human error in packaging or quality control and also reduce the overall costs. Several companies are adopting beverage industry trends like automating their processes, thereby reducing costs and allowing them to dedicate more resources to branding and R&D. Automation is also playing a big role in food production and packaging as it allows for precise tracking and measurements to keep up with industry regulations and quality standards. Moreover, players in the beverage industry are considering automation as it helps reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Floral flavors market is blooming

The distinct taste of floral flavors has made it one of the highly lucrative beverage industry trends right now. Floral flavors are also known to possess great aroma and tastes and a lot of other health benefits, without adding extra calories. The EMEA region is expected to lead the global floral flavors market in the next couple of years.

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Premium packaging might soon become a norm

Uniqueness and personalization are two factors that impact buying behavior or modern consumers. Customers now look for more bespoke designs in packaging rather than off-the-shelf products. This is soon to become one of the major beverage industry trends. Beverage companies are increasingly laying importance to packaging by making overhauls to their current designs or even introducing new packaging for their products. In fact, beverage industry analysis by our experts shows that the sector is moving towards new beverage industry trends like premium packaging as a response to consumer desires.

Unspoken benefits of blockchain in the beverage industry

The importance of trust is high in the beverage industry and it plays a great role in building relationships between a company and its customers. The number of people falling ill due to food and beverage contamination is on the rise. This could be due to several factors including improper packaging, fake substitute manufacturers, and the addition of too many preservatives. Players in the food and beverage industry are now becoming aware of the benefits that blockchain technology can provide them in eradicating problems such as the usage of fraudulent ingredients and fake manufacturers. Foodborne illness can be reduced to a greater extent as blockchain can be integrated with advanced AI capabilities and Internet of Things (IoT) to identify and track food products in real-time, making blockchain one of the most popular and attractive beverage industry trends.

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What Is Brewing in The Coffee Industry? Here Are the Top 4 Coffee Industry Trends

coffee industry trends

Coffee holds enormous power over the modern generation, especially over the working-class population. Many of you would agree without a second thought that nothing wakes up your senses on a Monday morning as much as the smell of freshly grounded coffee. In short, isn’t coffee the oxygen cylinder that keeps you up and going on a long day at work? Affirmative!

Over the years, coffee producers and popular coffee chains have been taking advantage of the inclination of people’s taste buds towards caffeine to formulate new products offering with respect to the latest coffee industry trends. As per, Technavio’s report ‘the global organic coffee industry will grow at a CAGR of close to 13% from 2017-2021’. So, what are the techniques that players in the coffee industry are using to keep their customer base hooked on to this beverage? And more importantly what are the budding coffee industry trends that all the coffee lover should know about? Gear up as we unveil them to you:IR_Brochure

Coffee’s Transformation from A Beverage to An Experience

‘Millennials’ unlike their predecessors are more mobile and social. The older generations liked to enjoy their coffee in the privacy of their homes and were more price conscious. However, there has been a drastic transformation in the way coffee is perceived now. Millennials have taken coffee from an ordinary kitchen table beverage to a premium drink to be enjoyed at public venues. This is one of the main reasons why the number of coffee shops and premium coffee brands has boomed in the last decade. Coffee has become more of an experience that people look forward to savor in the luxury of a cozy coffee shop or even at their workstations.

Coffee Is No More A ‘Hot’ Beverage

The baby boomers and millennials are the generations who enjoy the ‘cool’ lifestyle; this probably explains their inclination to cold brew or cold coffee. Cold brew is much sweeter and can incorporate a variety of recipes compared to the regular coffee. And the interesting part is, it is not just coffee with cold milk that attracts this generation, coffee with sparkling water or the likes are also much appreciated by this group.

Nitro Boost Your Drowsy Mornings

No, we are not talking about the explosives here, we are talking about the amalgamation of nitrogen and cold brew coffee that could create an explosion of tempting flavors on your taste buds. It is a teetotaler’s dream-come-true of a non-alcoholic drink that flows through a Guinness like bar tap. Here, cold brew coffee is stored in kegs, which are later infused with nitrogen and released through a pressurized valve – what is even better? It looks just like a glass of Guinness.

Coffee Is the New Tea

Previously, we have only been familiar with coffee beans being processed to make coffee, but the new trend is ‘Coffee-leaf tea.’ Yes, you just read that right! The critical difference here is that this brew is made with the leaves of the coffee tree, which are known to be rich in antioxidants and low on caffeine – what an utterly healthy combination!

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Don’t Miss Out on These Trends in The US Market for Beverages

The beverage industry is no more what it used to be – not just in the US market but globally. In the US market, the sale of juices is slowly dipping and the market for sugary sodas is under fire. This compels companies in the beverages market to keep a constant track of changing consumers preferences and adapt accordingly. So, what are these evolving trends in the US beverages market that players need to watch out for? Read on:  IR_Brochure

Growing Demand for Energy, Water-based, and Sports Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks have become a thing of the past with companies like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola investing heavily in R&D to meet the growing need for ‘healthy beverages’. The players in the US market for beverages are in constant competition to introduce innovative products for the customers such as flavored water, sparkling and energy drinks that emphasize on positive health benefits rather than just cutting calories, sugar or sodium.

Adding a Twist to Conventional Recipes

Several brands in the US market are revamping their original recipes to portray a healthier outlook to their customers. Products like Diet Coke and Mountain Dew’s Kickstart are examples of successful twists in the original flavors offered by brands. Such products in the beverage industry are attracting more attention from customers owing to their low calorie and health-centric approach.

The Size of the Bottles are Shrinking

Switching to low-calorie products is a major concern for the players in the beverage industry like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, which are known to have high sugar content. But an action was the need of the hour in the US market considering the growing concerns of obesity among the population and rising flak from the anti-obesity advocates. Therefore, these beverage companies have arrived at a new solution to cut down on calorie-consumption by downsizing the containers, which means promoting less intake of sugar and increased profits for players in the beverage industry.

Authenticity is the Key

Tapping into a shopper’s nostalgia is one of the keys to striking the chords with a customer’s mind. Several brands in the US market are starting to use this strategy to launch a number of vintage-inspired drinks to make a place for themselves in the hearts of the customers. Also, the rise of craft beverages is another opportunity for companies to cash in on these segments and gain more popularity among customers.

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Market Intelligence Helps a Leading Non Alcoholic Beverages Company Devise Effective Marketing Strategy

Leading organizations in the non alcoholic beverages market are advocating the need for market intelligence solutions to gauge actionable insights into marketing, sales promotion, and competitor activity. Non alcoholic beverages manufacturers are increasingly leveraging the use of market intelligence to effectively build sales and marketing strategies to retain their customers. Also, through a detailed market assessment, renowned companies in the non alcoholic beverages market can better position their marketing campaigns and investments to outshine their competitors.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned non alcoholic beverages manufacturer 50+ stores spread across the globe was facing a predicament understanding their market dynamics and devising effective marketing strategies. The client wanted to leverage market intelligence solutions to gain a holistic view of the company’s existing market, customers, problems, and the competition prevailing in the non alcoholic beverages market landscape.

Our Approach

To gain in-depth insights relating to the target customer segments and for devising an effective marketing strategy, the client approached Infiniti’s team of market intelligence experts. Infiniti’s market intelligence experts carried out a blended approach comprising of interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the non alcoholic beverages market. In addition, the client further collated information across various proprietary sources such as paid industry databases, company presentations, and newsletters.

non alcoholic beverages
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Market Intelligence Solution Benefits

  • Effectively analyzed the market in terms of the spending habits of the customers, state, and government regulations.
  • Gathered information on various data sets, analyze the information and break down the information into various sub-segments
  • Gained accurate information relevant to company’s markets and make informed business decisions
  • Gathered information on the competitors and better understand the customer needs
  • Helped enter new markets and minimize the risk of investment decision
  • Robustly tailor products and marketing efforts around customer needs

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

With the help of a robust market intelligence solution, the non alcoholic beverages company was able to identify the potential buyers and identify the distributors, agents, and other intermediaries. Furthermore, the client was able to understand the competitors and provide a quick and concise overview of the non alcoholic beverages market.

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