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Market Opportunity Mapping for a Client in the Radiography System Medical Imaging Market

Radiography system medical imaging market overview

The radiography system medical imaging market in the United States is poised to witness unprecedented growth over the next few years. According to experts at Infiniti Research, the growth of this market is fueled by factors including the rising demand for early disease diagnosis,  widening scope of clinical applications, rapidly growing geriatric population, the subsequent growth in the prevalence of related diseases, technological advancements in diagnostic imaging industry, and increasing investments, funds, and grants by both public-private organizations.

Top segments: Our US radiography system medical imaging market analysis suggests that approximately 12% of the 4500+ hospitals in the United States are expected to procure new floor-mounted X-ray machines annually.

Top Markets: The United States and Western European nations like the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain are the key dominant regions in the global radiography system medical imaging market. Furthermore, experts at Infiniti Research predict that the market in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region will witness steady growth through 2025, especially in countries including China, Japan, and India. 

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Key radiography system medical imaging market challenges faced by the client

A top company in the US radiography system medical imaging market approached experts at Infiniti Research to help them identify solutions to the following business challenges:

  • Challenge #1: Client needed to understand radiography system medical imaging market to identify untapped opportunity areas of diversification in small and medium size hospitals in US, UK, Italy, and Germany
  • Challenge #2: Hospital specific insights in the target regions was not available in secondary domains and reaching out to hospital stakeholders to extract the information was difficult for the client
  • Challenge #3: Pricing was dynamic and dependent on multiple factors hence an efficient tracking and estimation model was needed to ensure a competitive advantage
  • Challenge #4: Multiple distributors’ presence made it difficult to design an effective sales strategy


Our Integrated Approach

Experts at Infiniti Research used a combination of their market opportunity assessment, market research solutions, and their growth consulting model to help the client solve critical radiography system medical device challenges and also identify new avenues for revenue generation and growth.

As a part of the market opportunity assessment and the market research solution, the client was provided with:

  • Forecast models to assess the changing trends in the radiography system medical imaging market
  • Access to high-quality internal and external published content
  • Information gained from secondary research interviews and validated the findings through 50+ industry experts and B2B interviews to provide deeper insights on the opportunities for growth across products, services, and solutions
  • Competitor analysis to analyze key competitor strategies and understand how they fared comparatively
  • Industry best practices assessment to understand how other players curtailed similar challenges
  • Quarterly updates and regular monitoring was conducted to ensure a regular track of purchase price ranges and affordability of hospitals

Furthermore, Infiniti’s growth consulting model for the radiography system medical imaging client entailed:

  • A growth pipeline to determine opportunity prioritization
  • A deep-analysis of the prioritized opportunities through market opportunity evaluation
  • Building a go-to-market strategy
  • Planning and implementation of specific plans with appropriate targets and deadlines
  • Market strategy optimizationmedical imaging industry

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Results obtained

By leveraging Infiniti’s market research solution and growth consulting model, the radiography system medical imaging company was able to:

  • Gain actionable insights on emerging and untapped potential in the target regions within small and medium hospitals
  • Use Quarterly price trackers to keep a tab on hospital preferences and purchase trends
  • Enter into long-term, service-based partnerships and identify the most feasible type of contract with the right vendors and distributors in each region based on the regional strength scorecards provided, which in turn created a promising business continuity
  • Identify key industry best practices related to regulatory compliance and sustainability

Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions are designed to cater to the needs of companies across regional and global markets. Learn how we help global players with superior leadership strategies, technological innovation insights, customer service best practices, and strategic product development knowledge.

Market segmentation

Driving Business Value in the Medical Imaging Sector with the Help of Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Solutions

Regardless of the ongoing attacks by policymakers on medical imaging and its impact on healthcare costs, healthcare players are positioned to take on new challenges to not just survive but to thrive in the new healthcare reform implementation era. Click To Tweet

Rapid innovations in the healthcare industry have introduced newer challenges that need to be tackled by medical imaging companies. These challenges include increasing competition, reduction in reimbursements, and the growing need to enhance patient satisfaction.

Despite the growing business complexities, there is still a reasonable demand for medical imaging services due to the occurrence of several neurological and heart-related ailments. Therefore, players in the medical imaging segment have to devise new tactics to sell their services while the demand for other services decline and lower reimbursement threaten revenue. Infiniti’s expertise in the market intelligence can help organizations overcome such challenges by providing Request Proposalsignificant market insights to healthcare firms that possess limited internal market knowledge.

The Business Challenge

  • The client: A leading medical imaging company

To capture growth opportunities in the emerging market segments, a leading medical imaging firm approached Infiniti to help them conduct an in-depth market intelligence assessment. The client wanted to leverage market intelligence to drive overall business value. Also, with the help of our unparalleled market intelligence solutions, the medical imaging client wanted to gain insights into the new high-potential markets and develop winning strategies to sustain the competitive pressure.

How Can Our Market Intelligence Solutions Help Medical Imaging Companies?

It is essential for any business establishment to evaluate the global competitive environment within a specific category. This is mainly because the dynamic nature of economic and demographic factors adversely impact growth in the healthcare industry. Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions enable healthcare industry players to quickly adapt to the changing market trends in order to address the demographic shifts and achieve business goals.

Our deep domain knowledge and marketing expertise also enable firms to develop strategic product positioning and marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge. Moreover, our market experts have spent years working with clients from the healthcare industry and have dealt with a wide array of market scenarios and methodologies, which makes it easier for us to assist your company to capitalize on invaluable market data and reap utmost benefits.

Summary of our market intelligence assessment

Medical Imaging

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Client’s Journey

Infiniti’s market intelligence experts offered detailed market insights that helped the medical imaging client to devise go-to-market strategies to enhance their presence in new high potential market segments. Our solutions also offered a holistic view of the complementary market segments in the emerging countries.

Furthermore, to help the client drive business value, the market intelligence experts at Infiniti conducted a detailed market assessment to devise executable strategies and drive value. The comprehensive approach included primary and secondary research methodologies coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures. The experts also reached out to various stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

The market intelligence solutions offered by Infiniti’s market experts assisted the medical imaging company to develop precise strategies to drive value by enhancing their market presence. The client also gained in-depth market insights that helped them capitalize on high potential market segments.

The Future

Owing to the dynamic nature of market trends and the rapid pace of technological innovations, players in the medical imaging sector are poised to witness newer challenges in the future. This necessitates the need to stay ahead of the curve by employing enhanced growth strategies with the help of ‘intelligence’ based solutions, such as Infiniti’s market intelligence solution. Our expertise in market research helps us to collect relevant market data, covering the full range of research types and settings.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the healthcare industry.

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