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Brand marketing strategy

Accommodating Dynamic Customer Demands with Effective Brand Marketing Strategies

What is brand marketing strategy?

A brand marketing strategy is aimed at promoting a company’s products or services in a way that highlights their overall brand. Companies leverage brand marketing services to help them link the brand’s identity, values, and personality with communications to the target audience. A brand marketing strategy is a crucial investment in building an asset called brand equity. Brand equity is the portion of a company’s value or market cap that is attributable to a company’s brand name. It plays a crucial role in building a company’s reputation, trustworthiness, and market reach.

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How to create a brand marketing strategy

Establish a company vision

Companies must first decide what they want to be known for or how they want to position their brand identity before developing a brand marketing strategy. This helps buyers to associate certain attributes with a particular brand or products of that brand. For instance, many energy drink companies have partnered with sportspersons or athletes. This makes customers associate the success of these popular personalities with the energy drink. Furthermore, it gives the product a sporty image.

Identify a strategic target audience

The brand marketing strategies of companies that fail to understand their target customers correctly will ultimately become unsuccessful. Target market segmentation involves much more than grouping customers based on their basic demographics. However, a great brand marketing strategy is built on the basis of psychographics and multiple buying personas for the same market. This includes customers who have different shopping habits or feeling towards the brand. Once a strong target audience base is set up, you can then move on to creating a consistent brand.

Be consistent

The effectiveness of a brand’s customer interactions acts as a vital cornerstone for successful branding. The message, visual aesthetics, and brand tone should be recognizable and aligned for the long-term. Furthermore, consistency in brand communications is key to building customer loyalty and trust. Today, one of the best ways to ensure brand consistency is to increase awareness online. Since most of the modern companies use online marketing techniques, creating online brand consistency is one of the primary and least important steps involved in developing a consistent brand.

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Deliver the promises

Even if the brand has an appealing personality, design, content, and consistency, but the company’s brand marketing strategy would go down the drain if the product does not follow through on the promises made to the customers. A robust brand can only be built by delivering products that are of superior quality. When companies offer poor product or service quality, it negatively affects the perception of their brand. Furthermore, it should also be ensured that the attention to quality extends to all areas of the company’s interaction with their clients including social media platforms and support. When a company fails to deliver its promises, the brand marketing strategy essentially does not align with what they are actually selling. Moreover, it creates a distrust from their current and future customers.

Create an emotional connection

A successful brand marketing strategy establishes an emotional connection with their customers. Companies that position their products as a must-have brand and build a loyal consumer following have tapped into the full power of their brand marketing strategy and will benefit in the long-term. Also, providing great customer service and interacting more with customers are effective brand marketing strategies to garner more loyal customers for the brand. This also promotes repeat purchases and brand advocacy for the company.

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Marketing Technologies That Every Marketer Must Use

The evolving marketing technology landscape is opening new doors of opportunities for marketers. In fact, marketing is now gradually transforming into a technology-powered discipline. Marketing technology refers to major initiatives, efforts, and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives. Several modern marketers agree that the use of new marketing technology tools available to them has helped in the rapid and significant increase in ROI. The right marketing technology tools also help companies to bring order to the overwhelming volumesContact US of data they collect from online and offline interactions. In this blog, we have discussed some of the key marketing technology tools that are available to companies today:

Top marketing technology tools 


Marketing technology landscape has reached a point where now it is easily possible for marketers to track everything from their performance of channels, technologies, ads, to offers. Establishing a web analytics program for business would help the marketing team who know which data to use and how to use it. Analytics platforms help identify which marketing efforts are driving the desired results and which ones are not performing or needs to be taken down.

Email marketing

Email is one of the marketing technology tools that have been proved to be highly effective. Email marketing is not about spamming customers with promotional e-mails. It is a more tactical approach of getting people to give you permission to email them additional information and then sending only valuable content tailored to their interests. However, here it takes more than one touch to close a sale. This technique is so powerful because you’re staying in front of the prospective customers who have said that they want to hear from you.

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Three Digital Content Strategies You’ll Want to Steal for Your Business

Live content

Going live on social media platforms is currently one of the top digital content strategies for businesses. Video content as a whole has a huge organic reach compared to other types of posts on social media. Consequently, the engagement on video content will also be higher. According to Facebook, live content generates 10x more engagement when compared to other posts shared on the platform. So, a greater number of companies that are invested in the digital landscape have committed themselves to more video creation as a way forward, hoping to capitalize on the positive statistics surrounding this format.

Interactive content

Interactive content will soon become a big draw in the digital content strategy for business. This is one of the main reasons why you can expect to see more companies investing heavily in virtual reality in the near future. However, the cost involved in this technology is high. Digital content creation with virtual reality for your consumers to enjoy will be costly for quality. Despite this, agile brands are expected to capitalize on this technology and garner more audience attention.Request Proposal

New formats of digital content

The changing nature of the internet means that new strategies and digital formats need to be introduced. Old methods of content churning, putting content out for the sake of having it out there, is now a thing of the past. Instead, the typical team of writers are working with graphic designers, video creators, social media gurus, and even community managers. Companies will turn to broader content formats rather than sticking to traditional blogging and social media distribution including event hosting, videos, eBooks, infographics, webinars, and podcasts. The way people consume content, so companies must change their digital content strategies to be in line.


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market segmentation

Gaining a Clearer Picture of Your Market with Market Segmentation

What is market segmentation process?

Market segmentation process essentially involves grouping and sub-grouping large homogenous markets into clearly identifiable segments. The division is made on the basis of similarities in needs, wants, or demand characteristics. The market segmentation process also helps companies concentrate their marketing energy on various pre-defined market segments to gain a competitive advantage within that particular segment. Furthermore, marketers can easily personalize their marketing campaigns with this approach. It also reduces the risk of an unsuccessful or ineffective marketing campaign. Companies must choose the right type of market segmentation process that would best suit their marketing goals.

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Types of market segmentation

Geographic segmentation

This is one of the most common types of market segmentation where companies segment the market by concentrating on various geographic areas. For instance, most restaurant chains are known to undertake their market segmentation process in such a manner that they focus on a limited geographic area to achieve the concentration of force. Moreover, consumer preferences vary from region to region. So, it is important for companies to choose that geographic segment that best aligns with their goals.

Psychographic segmentation

This is a strategy that takes into consideration the lifestyle of people, their activities, interests, as well as opinions to define a market segment. Such types of market segmentation take into consideration the psychographic aspects of the consumer’s buying behavior.  They also consider the psychological aspects of consumer buying. A popular example is fashion brands who market themselves based on the lifestyle and fashion needs of their target customers.

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Demographic segmentation

This is one of the simplest and most widely used types of market segmentation. In this market segmentation process, the population is divided based on variables such as age, gender, nationality, income, and occupation. The demographic segmentation variables help divide a large population into specific customer groups. One of the industries that makes use of this market segmentation process is the automobile industry. For instance, station wagons are designed to suit families with more number of members. On the other hand, a Ferrari is designed for high-end customers who have an interest in sports cars.

Behavioral segmentation

In this strategy, customers are grouped based on behavior, usage, and decision-making patterns. The products are marketed to target customers based on their behavioral patterns that define their likelihood to buy or not buy a particular product. Customers tend to evaluate several factors before they arrive at a decision about a purchase. Thus, consumer decision making is affected by this behavior and that is exactly how the behavioral segments are targeted.  Retailers make use of behavioral segmentation the most during festive seasons such as Christmas. The buying patterns of customers are higher during these times, prompting marketers to target these customers more and induce maximum sales.

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Newest Content Marketing Trends to Make Your Customer Go Head over Heels for Your Brand

As traditional marketing strategies are becoming less popular with the audience, forward-thinking marketers are on the lookout for newer and better strategies like content marketing to keep the customers hooked on.Get More Info

What is content marketing?

Content marketing can be defined as a marketing approach that strategically emphasizes on creating and distributing content that is relevant, consistent, and valuable to attract and retain a target audience group. It is aimed at driving favorable and profitable customer action. In simpler terms, it is merely providing the user with truly relevant and useful content rather than merely pitching the products and services to them.

Content marketing is all about storytelling that builds an interest in the minds of the audience. It involves developing and sharing interesting content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. It is more to do with educating your audience so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you. This marketing technique uses online channels such as blogs, podcasts, video, and social media sites as a medium to reach out to the target customer groups.

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Top content marketing trends 2018

content marketingContent marketing has become a prominent marketing technique and is clearly here to stay. With an increasing number of marketers leaving no stone unturned to brush up their own strategies, 2018 will witness some exciting content marketing trends. Moreover, with more content being created now than ever before, users can expect to see some fresh and innovative content from their favorite brands. If you are a marketer, here are some of the bContact USiggest content marketing trends this year around which you must build your marketing strategies:

IoT in content marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT)is literally everywhere now. IoT offers great potential for brands to make their content part of the audience’s life. This is quite evident in the way we interact with devices and new technology. Products like Google Home, Siri, and Alexa are gradually turning into common names in households. These devices respond to customer queries instantly and even provide them with call-and-response content on the go. IoT is making it simpler for companies to share content with a wider audience that doesn’t want to be tied to a screen.

Interactive visual content through VR

Virtual reality is one of the most intriguing content marketing trends right now, and there is nothing like VR when it comes to grabbing complete audience attention and ensuring maximum engagement. Though investment in VR technology might seem to be a costly affair, there are ways to test and implement new marketing tactics with a strategic approach which would go easy on the pockets. For instance, Lowe’s, a home improvement company has already ventured into VR technology as a part of their content marketing strategy. The company is using this technology to help consumers achieve more informed buying decisions by visualizing their plans for home improvement.Request Proposal

Rising focus on transparency

The market competition is shooting up by the day, putting businesses under immense pressure to not fall into the bad books of customers. Modern customers expect businesses to be authentic, transparent and driven to give back to society. Going forward, brands need to focus on transparency and disclosure. With the growth of influencer marketing and endorsements, this has become extremely crucial to build relationships with cautious customers.

Live video content

Live videos on social media channels have become extremely popular among the audience especially millennials. Agile marketers are jumping on this bandwagon and embracing such content marketing trends to promote their brand. More number of customers now prefer to tune into a live video rather than read a blog post. Live video is one of the content marketing trends that have immense potential to effectively capture the audience attention and engagement. In fact, research suggests that people comment 10x more on Facebook Live videos when compared to regular videos Also, through live videos your brand and content that you are trying to promote will appear way more authentic to the audience, which is a brownie point for companies. Modern consumers seek real human connection behind a brand, and it can be given to them through live videos even without a superstar director or professional actor.

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Customer Engagement

Types of Digital Marketing Channels for Business and How to Choose the Right One

There is an immense number of opportunities available online for businesses. But ensuring that you drive the right audience to your website and direct them to the sales funnel often proves to be a challenging task. The success of a company’s online marketing effort largely depends on the types of digital marketing channels that they adopt. Businesses need to invest in those digital marketing channels that would help them reach their target audience and that is well within their budget. These channels have great potential to influence the audience at different points in the path of purchase.  Each kind of web-based advertising requires specialist knowledge, aptitudes, flare, and skills to guarantee that it is compelling and able to optimize your online marketing campaign. This article from Infiniti Research takes you through some of the key digital marketing channels for business and their practical applications in optimizing your online presence:Request Proposal

Social media marketing 

Social media is currently one of the most widely used digital marketing channels that have given phenomenal results for businesses. This channel enables companies to reach out to highly targeted potential customers through direct and person-to-person engagement. Social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter will continue to be the easiest and best ways to get in touch with their customers, especially as the number of social media users continues to grow each day.

Search engine optimization (SEO) 

Almost everyone using the Internet is familiar with and use search engines for their search queries. The role of SEO is to increase the page rank of a website in the search engine result page. Pages that have a higher ranking are more likely to increase visibility and drive more customers to their websites. Some of the key tools that can be used to enhance the SEO include Moz SEO tools, Bing Webmaster,, and Google Keyword Planner.

Pay per click (PPC) 

Pay per click is one of the fastest digital marketing channels that can be used to drive targeted traffic to the company’s website and related pages. But this method of paid advertising comes at a higher price, so businesses must be extremely cautious and planned while investing in such efforts. This technique is driven by how much the company is willing to invest and pay per customer for acquiring them.

Video marketing 

Videos are a great way to keep the audience hooked on to your content. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, which goes to prove that there is a huge number of people searching content on this platform. Video marketing is one of the most loved types of digital marketing channels in light of the fact that it combines such a variety of various components: Social media marketing, Copywriting, SEO, and obviously Video Production.

E-mail marketing 

Considered to be one of the most important digital marketing channels, e-mail marketing is a standout amongst the most immediate and private types of correspondence. Many businesses with in-house digital marketers use email marketing as an excellent tool for delivering ROI. The contact information of customers like phone numbers and email addresses from potential customers, including permissions to send them updates that a company possess, can be used by companies to promote e-mail marketing.

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