These Gourmet Food Trends Will Make You the Gordon Ramsay Of Food Industry

December 3, 2017

We don’t ‘eat to live’ anymore, food has become more of an experience that people like to cherish and share a part of that experience with their peers through social media. Today, people take their food very seriously – from the cooking to plating, nothing goes unnoticed in the radar of a customer’s eye. This has broken out ‘the gourmet’ revolution that emphasizes on a providing a premium dining experience to the customers. Players in the food industry are increasingly harnessing technologies to successfully incorporate diversity and a pinch of uniqueness into their offerings. Here are our picks of the top gourmet food trends that are going to transform your dining experience:

Bring the Theatre to The Table

As we had already mentioned, dining has become more or less all about the experience that the customer gets out of it. Restaurateurs today are contemplating ideas to bring unique and memorable dining experience to the customer’s table. Underwater restaurants, themed dining areas, and roof-top dining experiences are some of the main innovations that are becoming widely popular gourmet food trends to create long-lasting experiences for their customers.

Nomadic Restaurants Are Popping Up

Have you ever looked at a newly opened small restaurant space and wondered how you had not noticed its presence before at that spot? Well, what you are witnessing is a called the ‘Pop-up’ revolution. From empty warehouses to shopping malls, or even a transport tunnel, today you get to see pop up restaurants everywhere. What makes them unique among the other gourmet food trends is their unusual location and the limited dining space and options available in them.

‘Unusual’ Is the New Trend in the Spotlight

Today’s customers are more open to experimenting with food, which gives food service industry players the liberty to experiment with various gourmet food trends. Many restaurants have started offering unusual and unique combos of food that are not commonly tried together, e.g., a popular restaurant in London sells champagne with hot dogs. Interestingly, these bizarre gourmet food trends are slowly being widely accepted and are extremely popular among the common masses.

Infusing Technology into Food

The food service industry is one of the top sectors to have benefited from the advent of technology; from drone deliveries to robot waiters, the players in this sector are leaving no stone unturned to stand out from the crowd in providing their customers a unique dining experience.

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