Market Segmentation Helps a Leading Transportation and Logistics Industry Client Refine Their Marketing Strategies

December 14, 2017

Business Challenge

A leading transportation and logistics industry client with a number of offices spread across the globe wanted to identify and target niche market segments and their needs. The client also wanted to personalize their marketing campaigns and target customers individually to retain and enhance customer service and satisfaction.  With the help of market segmentation, the client wanted to be more efficient in allocating their resources.

Solutions Delivered

To identify the right demographics and position their product offerings effectively, the market segmentation experts at Infiniti carried out extensive qualitative and quantitative techniques with leading stakeholders in the transportation and logistics space. Additionally, to effectively allocate resources, the experts also compiled information from a wide array of resources such as paid company presentations, industry databases, and forums.

Benefits of the Market Segmentation Strategy

The market segmentation solution offered by Infiniti assisted the transportation and logistics industry client in identifying the needs and desires of the consumers to stay on par with the competition. This engagement also helped the client to precisely forecast the customer preferences and accordingly position their product offerings. The market segmentation solution also helped the client allocate resources while seamlessly meeting the customer requirements. Market segmentation analysis also offered additional benefits:

  • Segment customers based on brand affinity and product usage
  • Gain insights into the productive avenues of communication with customers
  • Create an inbound marketing activity to profile robust categories
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Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends and Future Challenges

The transportation and logistics sector refers to the general category of stocks relating to the transportation of goods. The transportation and logistics sector is gigantic and includes a wide range of individual industries, including air services, shipping firms, railroads, ocean freight haulers, trucking, and companies indirectly related to transportation, such as supply chain management firms and logistics services providers. Although the transportation and logistics industry is witnessing growth in technology and innovations, it is influenced by specific factors that will impact the growth prospects in the coming years.

Notwithstanding the need for new customers and technology has become a significant challenge for the transportation and logistics industry players to stay on top in business processes as taking advantage of these new prospects sounds tempting but adoption and onboarding can be overwhelming. In this highly competitive market scenario, customers want full transparency into where their delivery is all the time. The customers also want to track the location of a package in real-time.

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