Evaluating Market Positioning and Distribution Channels of RFID Printers Through Market Intelligence Study

June 26, 2017

Infiniti’s recent market intelligence study on RFID printers offers insights to companies in the IT sector on the key competitors, market landscape, market positioning, and distribution channels.

Demand trends for RFID printers or encoders

The constant efforts to improve the supply chain and enhance data security systems is propelling the adoption of real-time location systems (RTLS) technologies across different business processes. The market for RFID printers and encoders are primarily driven by the implementation of smart labels that integrate both barcode and RFID technologies. These devices have applications in the deployment, development, and management of organizational activities, which promotes accuracy, efficiency, and connectivity through these innovative solutions. The demand for easy to use, better storage capacity, and affordable price ranges of RFID devices across the healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, asset management, administration, automotive, security, and retail industries are expected to increase over the next few years. The recent market intelligence study by Infiniti offers an in-depth understanding of the RFID technology and provide valuable strategic insights to companies. The study also offers a comprehensive competitive assessment and market analysis to improve revenues.

The emergence of hybrid RFID systems will revolutionize business operations across different industries. The active tags are used for tracking high-value, large items in real time and tracking large-volume, low-cost items in the healthcare and industrial sectors. The advent of low-energy Bluetooth tags will help companies to reduce the cost of operations while maintaining real-time tracking of products. These compact systems can be integrated with smartphones and Wi-Fi systems that ensure remote connectivity.

Growth of smart factories

The growing popularity of smart factories is augmenting the growth of the RFID technology market. These factories are designed to ensure smooth functioning of complex processes by using innovative tools such as RTLS that use advanced sensors to identify the location of products. The implementation of RFID tags increases the quality of the process, help reduces costs through automation, and manage product customization through error proofing. Leading vendors are investing in smart factories to enhance manufacturing and production efficiencies.

Cloud-based RFID solutions

The integration of cloud and RFID platforms will eliminate the initial procurement cost of servers across industries. These solutions are used for inventory management, asset management, data filtering, data processing, inventory services, data storage, and SCM. The introduction of cloud-based RFID platforms is cost-effective and secure systems against data threats. Moreover, these are the best tool for inventory management, which offers around 90% accuracy in stock management and reduces out-of-stocks by almost 80%.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence team at Infiniti Research analyze the penetration level of RFID printers across the target regions and growth potential of these devices in the market over the next few years. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Offer valuable insights into the competitive landscape and the growth potential of the RFID printers and encoder market
  • Provide breakdown of the market scenario, determining the scope for market entry across different low-penetrated regions
  • Identify opportunities to tap potential markets
  • Map high probability or high impact market trends
  • Offer a detailed characterization of the current competitive landscape

Read our comprehensive case study on market intelligence study on RFID printers.

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