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At Infiniti, we help specialty chemical companies build effective market strategies based on their core strengths and capitalize on industry-specific trends to achieve functional excellence and sustainable, long-term growth in the face of a shifting market landscape.

Drawing on extensive industry knowledge and experience with distinctive methodologies, our industry experts offer customized market intelligence solutions that reflect the latest trends, and future directions across the specialty chemicals industry. We provide practical solutions that can deliver repeatable and sustainable results for specialty chemical companies.

Our specialty chemicals industry analysis includes the use of primary and secondary research methodologies and analytical tools to offer a holistic approach to tackling business challenges faced by our clients in the specialty chemicals industry. Infiniti’s industry experts also support clients on business unit strategies, growth, R&D and innovation, operations, M&As, and sales and marketing.

With the help of our specialty chemicals market intelligence solutions, we help specialty chemicals manufacturers understand the specialty chemicals market space better and facilitate efficient capital investment decisions. Our specialty chemicals market opportunity insights also help clients understand the chemical industry better and expand their special chemical knowledge base. Our specialty chemicals data intelligence solutions will also help clients understand the specialty chemicals industry’s overview.

Introduction to our specialty chemicals market intelligence case studies

Market and Price Intelligence Study on Hydrochloric and Sulfuric Acid in South East Asia

Business Challenge:A leading chemicals manufacturer wanted to obtain insights on the market landscape and price levels of its major product offerings.

Situation: The client wanted to assess the market landscape of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid to understand the market potential, growth prospects, competitive landscape and to obtain insights on current price points and price forecast based on demand and market trends.

Impact:With the help of our specialty chemicals market intelligence solutions, the client was able to quantify the market opportunities and align its strategies to use the growth drivers to its advantage. Also, they were able to adjust their price points to match industry standards and firm up future strategies based on forecasted price levels.

Market and Competitive Intelligence Study on Sulfate of Potash (SOP) in the Industrial Sector

Business Challenge:A leading chemicals manufacturer wanted to understand the potential for its SOP product across six major market segments in the industrial sector.

Situation:The client wanted to understand the market potential and reformulate its business strategies by obtaining insights specific to its SOP product. They wanted to identify and shortlist the most attractive market segments within the industrial sector.

Impact:With our specialty chemicals market intelligence solutions, the client was able to identify and prioritize the key end-user segments based on market potential and profitability. They also devised their go-to-market strategies based on the segment-specific value proposition.

Sourcing Intelligence Study for a Chemicals Manufacturer

Business Challenge: A leading chemicals manufacturer wanted to understand spend patterns, key sourcing destinations and competitors’ sourcing strategies specific to 6 categories.

Situation:The client wanted to do an assessment of Commercial Operations, R&D, Corporate and IS/IT categories and understand spend levels, emerging sourcing destinations, and competitors’ strategies.

Impact:With the help of our specialty chemicals market intelligence solutions, the client was able to fine-tune its sourcing strategies based on insights specific to recent supply market trends, emerging sourcing destinations and competitors’ spend patterns.

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