IT & Telecom Market Research Solutions

This industry faces considerable changes that result in intense competition and the need for
constant innovation. Our industry-leading solutions track key developments in these markets
to help clients adapt to changes, which ensure that they remain competitive in the market.

Sectors we cover

IT Solutions
  • PCs and Handhelds
  • Servers
  • Security Solutions
  • Print Markets and Management
  • Enterprise Software
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Business Applications
  • Consulting and Integration
  • Networking Equipment
  • Network Services
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Network Systems
  • Next-generation Equipment
  • Hosted Applications
  • Broadband/VoIP
  • Voice/Data/Video
  • Flash Memory
  • Processors
  • Electronic components
  • Chipsets
  • ICs
  • ASICs and ASSPs
  • Optoelectronics
  • MEMS and Sensors

Introduction to our case studies


Competitive Monitoring for Cloud Based VDI Services

Business ChallengeA leading IT major wanted to track new products and services across the cloud-based VDI services business across North America.

SituationThe client wanted to monitor its top five competitors and gain insights specific to cloud-based VDI services. The objective of this study was to track new products and developments of the specified competitors across North America.

ImpactBased on our insights, the client was able to smartly monitor the competitors and their upcoming products and strategies. They also gained real-time market updates on the new products and developments.

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Market Opportunity Assessment for Micro Server Market

Business ChallengeA leading IT and hardware service company wanted to understand the trends and market potential opportunities within the micro server market.

Situation: Since the client wanted to introduce its new micro server product range across the global market, they wanted to assess the market potential and understand concerns of key market stakeholders.

ImpactBased on our insights, the client gained detailed insights into the market landscape and the attitude of key stakeholders towards micro servers. This helped the client devise its go-to-market strategies and revisit its existing strategies.

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South American Printer Market Assessment

Business ChallengeA leading printer and peripheral products manufacturer wanted to gain insights on the market landscape of the South American printer market.

SituationTo gain market leader position in the South American printer market, a leading printer and computer peripheral manufacturer wanted to assess the future potential of the target market and develop effective marketing strategies.

ImpactThe client was able to understand the market dynamics and gain insights specific to key areas like purchase criteria, buyer preference and requirements, and customer satisfaction levels with the existing product line.

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