Industrial & Manufacturing Market Intelligence Solutions

Our solutions help clients gain comprehensive insights into the rapidly changing market
landscape to tackle challenges such as changing economic conditions, technology
advancements, energy loss, and environmental regulations.

Sectors we cover

Industrial Equipment
  •    Castings and Forgings
  •    Pipes and Fittings
  •    Valves and Actuators
  •    Oil Field Equipment
  •    Material Handling Equipment
  •    Pumps and Compressors
  •    Heavy Equipment
  •    Chippers/Grinders
Construction and Building
  •   Construction Equipment
  •    Building Technologies
  •    Building Automation
  •    Power Tools
  •    Smart Building
  •    Green IT
  •    Energy Management Systems
  •    Smart Energy
Automation and Controls
  •    Distributed Control System
  •    Sensors & Instrumentation
  •    Motors and Drives
  •    Machine Tools
  •    Programmable Logic Controllers
  •    Advance Process Control and Simulation
  •    Fluid Power and Transmission
  •    Robotics

Introduction to our case studies


Emerging Market Intelligence Study on Sourcing Raw Materials for Heavy Industry

Business ChallengeA leading industrial equipment manufacturer wanted to assess the potential sourcing opportunities in emerging markets.

SituationThe client wanted us to assess the possibility of sourcing raw materials including iron, aluminum, plastic, glass, and rubber from emerging markets. They also wanted to gain an understanding of the supply landscape in these markets.

ImpactBased on our insights, the client was able to understand the supply market and shortlist key sourcing destinations that could help save costs. Furthermore, it was able to identify and shortlist potential suppliers based on their capabilities.

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Atomized Steel Powder Market Intelligence Study

Business ChallengeA leading metal powder manufacturer wanted to identify new industry segments in Europe to increase its revenue.

SituationThe client was generating over 80% of its revenue primarily from two industries, which were facing severe economic pressures. Therefore, the company wanted to identify other industry segments to supplement its revenue.

ImpactThe client used our market segmentation information to realign its sales force and aggressively target alternative industries. It also determined a new set of potential customers within existing industries, thereby, balancing the revenue share of different industry segments for the next four quarters.

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Customer Opinion Study on Pulp and Paper Machinery Market

Business ChallengeA leading pulp and paper machinery manufacturer wanted to understand customers’ perception of quality and performance factors for the pulp and paper machinery market.

SituationThe client was concerned about the changing market scenario with new competitors, business models, and complex supply chain and wanted to assess the opinion of its customers regarding the quality and performance factors before making changes in its customer strategy.

ImpactBased on the insights received, the client was able to understand the definition of quality from customers’ view, how much they are willing to pay for quality and developed action plans to deliver the desired quality standards to customers.

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