Devise new drug development models and improve outcomes with pharmaceutical market intelligence solutions.

Pharmaceutical industry overview

The economic slowdown, growing demand, and constant need for innovation have prompted pharmaceutical companies to expand into new product categories and market segments. Staying ahead of technological developments in this industry is crucial and requires access to sophisticated methodologies and in-depth market data essential for business success.

Infiniti Research has extensive experience working with leading healthcare and pharma companies. Some of the research projects we have conducted for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry include patient satisfaction and feedback analysis, new product development research, product evaluation, product positioning, market segmentation research, and market opportunity analysis. Our solutions for the pharma industry comprise a unique combination of advanced research methodologies, technology, and domain expertise to deliver intelligence and empower clients with the actionable, precise information needed to understand market dynamics and enhance decisions.

Our pharmaceutical market intelligence solutions help our clients to focus on the needs of the growing patient population by offering detailed insights on different patient groups.

Focus areas



We provide advanced pharmaceutical market intelligence solutions that deliver repeatable and sustainable results for our clients.


Clinical Trials

We offer solutions to enhance clinical trial success, designed just as precisely as the treatment it is intended to test.


KOL Research

Our expertise spans the entire KOL ecosystem, including KOL identification, KOL profiling and mapping.


Drug Discovery and Development

We offer ongoing support to enhance the drug development process right from discovery to launch.


Diagnostic Research

We employ integrated research methodologies to uncover new solutions to diagnostic challenges facing pharma companies.


Generics and Prescription Drugs

Our pharmaceutical market intelligence solutions help you get to the root of drug pricing challenges by offering in-depth, actionable insights.

Our pharmaceutical market intelligence solutions and innovative research methodologies have helped some of the world’s leading pharma companies, drug manufacturers, pharma R&D firms, and suppliers make informed decisions to drive outcomes and improve the quality of services.

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