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The general goods packaging industry finds it difficult to follow the paradigm. With the recent shift in consumers’ demand patterns, general goods packaging companies have started facing the need to be customer-focused and deliver high-quality packaging materials. When it comes to packaging, innovative designs come to mind. At Infiniti Research, we help companies specializing in goods packaging to build capabilities and seize new opportunities while addressing the evolving challenges faced by the goods packaging industry as there is much more to packaging than just extravagant designs.

At Infiniti Research, our market intelligence solutions focus on the three most important factors of packaging: protection, distribution, and communication. We offer real-time insights into technological advances and the products and services offered by top companies in this market space. We also help general goods packaging clients understand emerging trends and preferences of target customers to increase market shares.


Boosting Brand Equity and Entering the Asian CPG Market: A Market Segmentation Case Study for an American CPG Company

Today, most consumers have started shopping on their mobile phones and tablets rather than laptops or desktops. As a result, CPG companies have been compelled to focus on creating responsive site designs to optimize customer experience. In addition, implementing in-store smartphone targeting to gather customer data and deliver targeted offers for an omnichannel experience is a must for CPG companies to stand a chance in today’s competitive market. Furthermore, the market is highly fragmented and competitive, with no single company capturing more than a few percent of the market share. This gives buyers a wealth of choices and makes it tough for any retailer to stand out. As a result, CPG companies must increase their focus on assortment, trendiness, quality, pricing, and customer experience to develop and enhance brand equity.

Business Issues

The client is an American CPG company headquartered in Minnesota. The company – with an annual turnover of over 40 billion USD – approached Infiniti with a specific business problem, which was to enter the Asian market and target potential market segments effectively. The CPG company wanted to personalize their marketing campaigns and target customers individually to enhance customer service and satisfaction.

Additionally, with the help of Infiniti’s market segmentation solution, the client wanted to be more efficient in allocating their resources. The primary objective of the client was to devise effective strategies to identify pathways to accelerate product development without comprising on the quality of their products.

Our Journey

The market segmentation experts at Infiniti followed a detailed qualitative and quantitative research approach and conducted surveys and interviews with leading stakeholders in the CPG market to help the client identify the right demographics and position their product offerings effectively. To further help the CPG company effectively allocate resources, the experts gathered information from a wide array of proprietary sources such as industry databases, paid company presentations, and forums.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

Infiniti’s market segmentation engagement helped the client to precisely forecast customers’ preferences and accordingly position their product offerings. This engagement also helped the client identify the needs and desires of the consumers and stay on par with the competition. This helped them increase brand equity and affinity. The client also implemented real-time marketing campaigns and identified strategies to increase customer reach. Furthermore, the client devised robust initiatives to drive better operational costs while maintaining profitability of their business.

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