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With massive shifts in consumer attitudes, competition, and costs of production paving the way for new challenges, food and beverage companies must innovate to drive growth and tackle complexities.

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Food and beverage industry overview

As consumer preferences shift, the global food and beverage industry faces an unprecedented period of change and innovation. Also, with health and wellness becoming a focus area for consumers, food and beverage companies require innovative solutions to keep pace with changing market dynamics. Other factors impacting business growth include the rising need for healthy alternatives, gluten and meat-related dietary restrictions, and the demand for sustainable food packaging. Infiniti Research has over 17 years of experience in offering innovative food and beverage market intelligence solutions for leading players in the F&B industry and its sub-sectors, including ready-to-eat food products, sports and energy drinks, and food packaging market segments. Our market intelligence solutions focus on helping clients develop ideal offerings, provide unparalleled services, and drive value through efficient partnerships.

Food and beverage companies are facing several challenges due to changing consumer preferences, market trends, and demand-supply fluctuations. They must respond to the long-term impact of the crisis on customer preferences and behavior to thrive in the new normal. Our food and beverage market intelligence solutions are designed to help our clients track market trends, gain insights into competitors’ strategies, take preemptive measures to prepare for consumers’ preferences, and improve their supply chain functionality. We support F&B companies by offering targeted solutions and unparalleled insights into factors that impact their revenue, organizational structure, business plans, and competitive strategies.

Discover how our food and beverage market intelligence solutions and custom research services can help evolve your business, streamline operations, and drive rapid growth. Speak with a market expert today.

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Food and Beverage Products

Accelerate product development with up-to-date market information and comprehensive industry insights.

Food Ingredients and Additives

We can help you analyze emerging trends in the food ingredients and additives segment and gauge their impact on your business.

Feed and Agribusiness

Find new opportunities within emerging market segments and build new revenue streams to propel business growth.

How we help clients

Positioned at the forefront of market intelligence and customized market research solutions, Infiniti Research is the strategic global research partner for leading players across industries. Our expertise in market research enables us to leverage innovative research methodologies and offer tailored market intelligence solutions to support clients with succinct answers for business decisions in areas including market opportunity assessment, emerging market planning, best practices benchmarking, value-channel analysis, and customer segmentation.


Improve brand reach with unparalleled market insights

Timely market insights are crucial for business success. Our expertise in brand tracking and custom market research delivers holistic insights and a comprehensive view of factors impacting growth in the F&B industry.


Understand market needs and innovate to drive growth

Innovation is key to success in today’s complex food and beverage industry. Hence, we help food companies capitalize on innovative opportunities and target the most valuable segments by offering customized services.


Gauge, benchmark, and track progress

Drive business growth with customized food and beverage market intelligence solutions that offer comprehensive insights on market trends, competitor activity, marketing effectiveness, and product R&D.

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“I wish I knew Infiniti earlier, what a difference using your services has made to our understanding of our customers and competitors.”

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