Automotive Market Research Solutions

Our automotive solutions are crafted to help clients deal with regular demand shifts, need
to adopt new technologies, diminishing profit margins, and capacity utilization issues. We
help you to take critical strategic decisions to ensure competitiveness and to cope with
emerging demands.

Sectors we cover

Automotive Manufacturing
  • OEM Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Electric Vehicle Systems
  • Medium and Heavy-duty Vehicles
  • Light Vehicles
  • Luxury Cars
  • Buses/ Trucks
  • Off-highway Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
Automotive Components
  • Engine & Chassis
  • Automotive Lighting
  • Electrical System
  • Tyres
  • Batteries
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Relays, Sensors, and Switches
  • Auto Starter Systems
  • Vehicle Infotainment
  • Fenders and Spoilers
  • Panels and Consoles
  • Seating
  • Carpets
  • Security and Safety Products
  • Decorative Components
  • Bumpers

Introduction to our case studies


European Used Cars Market

Business ChallengeA leading car retailer wanted to conduct a automotive market intelligence research in order to understand the complexities and dynamics associated with the European used cars market.

SituationThe client wanted to gain insights on the key issues influencing buying decision of customers.  The key objective of the client was to assess customer buying behavior to increase their sales volume and develop strategies regarding strengthening the market position.

ImpactThe client used our automotive market intelligence insights on customer experience and expectation regarding price, satisfaction etc., to re-align its strategies and develop action plans to strengthen their market position.

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Advertising Concept Effectiveness Assessment for an Automotive Brand

Business ChallengeA leading automotive manufacturer wanted to obtain insights specific to the effectiveness of its advertisements among customers.

SituationThe client wanted to understand customer’s perception about its competitors and the naming/advertising themes followed by them and also to assess the effectiveness of their advertising campaign through automotive market intelligence.

ImpactBased on our insights, the client gained an understanding of the perception of the customers towards the brand and the attitude towards its advertising campaign. Based on this, they were able to make changes to their branding strategies.

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Automotive industry

Automotive Supplier Satisfaction Survey

Business Challenge: A leading auto manufacturer wanted to conduct a supplier satisfaction survey to understand current satisfaction and improve working relationship through automotive market intelligence.

SituationThe client wanted to assess working relations of key global suppliers to assess how it compares with its competitors in a variety of working relationship areas and to understand ways to develop effective working relations through automotive market intelligence.

ImpactThe client was able to improve its supplier satisfaction levels by implementing improvement in key areas such as working relationship, price reduction, and quality demands.

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